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    Psychic Angel (M)

    Just a fair warning, this fanfic WILL get very violent in the later chapters. Just a fair warning if you're incredibly squimish. -nods- ^^; Also, the italics means the Pokemon (in this case, Ralts) are speaking telepathetically or thinking to themselves. PM list: Chapter 1: “The weak get...
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    Angelic Princess Banner Castle

    ~Welcome to the Angelic Princess Banner Castle!~ Hello all, and welcome to the Angelic Princess Banner Castle. :) Whether you have Princess in your username (If so brownie points for yew :)) or not, come request here if you like my stuff. :) I will try to get to you as soon as humanly possible...
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    Contestshipping (May x Drew) Discussion Thread

    http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs36/i/2008/269/0/5/Art_013__Basserick_by_Haruka_FanClub.jpg (Contestshipping) Hello all, and welcome to the Contestshipping thread~! Contestshipping is the possibility of a romantic relationship between May and Drew. Feel free to post any fanfics...