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    Pokemon Kingdom

    Hello all and welcome to the Pokemon Kingdom clan! This is a clan where you can make friends as well as learn and get better at competitive Pokemon battling. This clan places a lot of emphasis on the battling portion, so if you would like to join, downloading the program Pokemon Online is VERY...
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    Pokemon Online vs. Wifi

    Alright, so I've been in a long debate over which is better, Pokemon Online or Wifi. Some say Wifi is better because it takes more skill, others say that Pokemon Online is better because it is easier to make a team and battle. So discuss your opinion on which is better.
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    Pokemon Online Need Help

    Hey guys, I have a serious problem that I can't get onto the Smogon server of Pokemon Online. I'm rather sure that it is a server-side issue because all the other servers work for me except this one. I've tried several things such as using a different name and using advance connection to connect...
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    A Team in Need

    A Team in Need Hello people, this is my first RMT and I need help with my team. It seems pretty good, but I want to make it better. This is supposed to be a bulky offensive team. Here is a first look: Okay, so I started off by building this team around Volcarona and Dragonite, two pokemon...
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    AP Classes

    AP Classes. You either love them or hate them. Anyway discuss them, talk about what experiences you had with them or some ways you got through them. You can post websites that helped you out or other stuff that helped you. Anything about AP classes really. I have AP European History right now...
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    Hi, I'm not exactly new

    Yeah, I'm not exactly new to this site as I've been on the forums before to read fanfics and rmt's but I hope to have fun and contribute a lot on this site!