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  1. Noa

    Top 3 Game

    The game goes like this: Person 1: Top 3 animals? Person 2: Dogs, Fish, Giraffes. Top 3 movies? Person 3: Shrek, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Room. Top 3 Flowers? And so on! So, i'll start- Top 3 Desserts?
  2. Noa


    Here's how to play- I start with anything Pokemon related. A Pokemon, a trainer, a town, it doesn't matter. The next person posts another Pokemon related thing that is connected to the thing I posted. For example: Person 1: Vileplume Person 2: Erika (she has a vileplume) Person 3: Milo (another...
  3. Noa

    The music of GSC

    GSC had some really nice and memorable music, didn't it? Which is your favorite? I'm personally really fond of Goldenrod City's theme, it has such a comfy theme and when I hear I just feel kinda right. I especially like hearing it when it's night in the game, it sets a really nice mood. I also...
  4. Noa

    Wow this name isn't taken

    Hiya! :) I'm Noa, some of you may have seen me around online on other forums. Thought I'd join this cute place too, after literally 10 years of using Serebii, lmao. I like Pokemon (obviously), my favorites being gen 4 and 2, Japanese idols, mobile games, sleeping, lots of other stuff. Hope we...