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  1. Venusaur Master

    Trade Evolution Help

    Could anyone help me out to do trade evolutions?
  2. Venusaur Master

    Battle PBR style

    anyone want to battle over wi-fi? pm me if u do 6v6, lv 50, double battle and no legendaries
  3. Venusaur Master

    Uk fans info for pbr

    So pbr is coming out in the UK next Friday and since many uk fans have imported diamond and/or pearl from the US and r wishing to upload there pokemon from it to a uk pbr could there be any complications in any aspect?
  4. Venusaur Master

    Quality videos

    is there any site apart from youtube that would have pbr videos in great quality like u would see without watching through a computer
  5. Venusaur Master

    How long have you been playing D/P ?

    its all in the title. Ive been playing diamond for 436 hours
  6. Venusaur Master

    pal parked pokemon origin

    when I transfered my ho-oh from coloseum to leaf green to diamond instead of saying: from a distant land, it says its from hoenn. The same hapened to my uk event mew when I transfered it from leaf green to diamond saying its from hoenn. Does anyone know why this happens?
  7. Venusaur Master

    UK = US capability

    I was wondering will a US Diamond work with UK PBR like the way US gba games worked with UK coloseum and XD
  8. Venusaur Master

    Ben 10 Thread

    I thought I would make this thread for Ben 10 fans and get their opinions on the show Favourite Aliens: Diamondhead , XLR8 , Cannonbolt and Benwolf
  9. Venusaur Master

    Season 9 dvds

    Will there be a release of pokemon battle frontier ( season 9 ) on dvd its been a while since the final advanced battle dvds came out.
  10. Venusaur Master

    Shiny on Offer

    Ive got a shiny zubat anyone want it
  11. Venusaur Master

    Battle zone destruction

    Is there any video clips showing the battle zones being damaged like in the first preview of pbr. Or was it just in the demo like the fr/lg characters shown.
  12. Venusaur Master

    Want to Battle

    Would anyone like to battle. Will be online for next 30 mins
  13. Venusaur Master

    Anyone want a legit shiny Zubat

    Would anyone like my shiny zubat. Trade for a shiny or rare pokemon.
  14. Venusaur Master

    Dusklops evolution

    could any one trade and trade back my dusklops for it to evolve . I will be online for the next 30 minutes
  15. Venusaur Master

    Electavire evolution help

    could someone trade and trade back my electabuzz for it to evolve. Will be online for next 30 mins
  16. Venusaur Master

    Trade tradeback Electabuzz

    Would anyone like to trade and trade back my electabuzz for it to evolve.
  17. Venusaur Master

    Trade tradeback Electabuzz

    Would anyone like to trade and trade back my electabuzz for it to evolve.
  18. Venusaur Master

    Trade and trade back

    could anyone help me evolve my rhydon by trading and then trading back
  19. Venusaur Master

    Pal Park transfer

    If you have a U.S diamond / pearl and a UK ds and leaf green. Will it transfer the pokemon.
  20. Venusaur Master

    Starting all over again

    Im thinking of starting all over again in ether fire red or leaf green last time I went with leaf green and starting emerald if I start today could I get the game to a good point before the release of diamond and pearl?