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  1. TheTrueRman

    How deep does the Cloning Market Go?

    I was looking at my crown Beast trio WIN2011 Entei Suicune and Raikou I got these on here a few years back from a retired Event Collector I wonder if it is truly possible to obtain an Authentic Trio of them. Everywhere i search there are people trading these and even Selling these guys. I can...
  2. TheTrueRman

    Quick Hack Check

    I have a Shiny Latios/Latias Pair i recieved from an ex Event collector. Stated these were hunted by himself, but the stats had me questioning it for the longest time Both are from the Johto Region Both Timid Nature Both Nature explanation is Takes plenty of Siestas Both 61V Latios in Moon Ball...
  3. TheTrueRman

    CLOSED LF- Gmax Melmetal FT Shiny Zygarde Event

    Dont have pokemon go so this is my only option for a Gmax Melmetal Best offer i got is a Jolly Shiny Zygarde i have in my Ultra Moon i can transfer EDIT- Someone has taken the offer.
  4. TheTrueRman

    CLOSED DEX FINISHED! In Need Of- Meltan and Melmetal to finish Home Dex

    Need to finish my Pkmn Home Dex and these are the only 2 left. I dont have pokemon go. Need to trade via sword/shield
  5. TheTrueRman

    LF Shiny Tapu Lele Tapu Bulu Tapu Fini

    I never compete in tournaments, so anyone got spare event Tapus to spare. Nature isnt a priority, i just want to add these to my collection. I have Shiny Tapu Koko already from a previous event.
  6. TheTrueRman

    Thoughts on the Sword Shield Dex Debacle

    Months ago i seen this debacle and haven't a place to comment on till i remembered here. While people have proven you can still add the current list of pkmn to the upcoming game, i have a feeling eventually we'll reach a generation with legitimately too many pokemon to put into one game. Sucks...
  7. TheTrueRman

    LF Shiny Tapus

    I'm not an online battler so i missed out on the shiny Tapus given away at the Competitions. Would anyone have spares they could part with? I don't have much to offer. I have Shiny Tapy Koko since that one was online distributed. Nature/ivs aren't too inportant, i'd just like to have em in my...
  8. TheTrueRman

    In need of Omanyte

    Will trade Kabuto
  9. TheTrueRman

    need a reliable trainer to trade evolve

    Im working on getting another Alolan Graveler. Some asshat stole my first one. Gonna need someone to do a tradeback.
  10. TheTrueRman

    In need of Omanyte, also LF meltan Melmetal

    Preferably Adamant jolly or neutral nature. Will offer Alolan Vulpix in return
  11. TheTrueRman

    Ever had anyone steal a trade from you

    Im unsure about trade evolution online with random people. I fear im gonna build up a geodude just to have the guy cut off trade after it evolves. I have nothing needed at the moment, but im working on them.
  12. TheTrueRman

    Looking for Shiny Entei/Raikou/Suicune Crown Beasts from B/W

    Im in the market for a legit shiny Crown Entei, Raikou, Suicune. I know im 8 years late, but i have an urge to have them in my collection for Ultra Sun. Im asking on here if anyone may possibility have legit extras to spare? I can offer these in return Shiny XYZ Xerneas and Yveltal Shiny 2018...