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    Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

    As the game was recently released in Europe, and is on the horizon for the US, I figured it deserved a topic. I'd have to say that of all the games in the series, this is the first one I've felt extremely excited for, some reasons including: -A hard mode for those who want more difficulty...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    Since the old thread died, I figured I'd make a new one, seeing as the game is officially released tomorrow, and I couldn't be more hyped about it. I'm mainly excited about the new secret boss, as I've watched multiple people go up against it (And fail miserably), and it's easily the most...
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    Looking for some rare berries.

    Namely, Enigma, Lansat, and Starf berries. Can trade a variety of Pokemon, and/or some items in exchange. I don't have anything spectacular, but feel free to ask(I'm not trading any shinies or legends, though).
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    Just another random newbie.

    I've been reading these forums passively for a while, so I figured I might as well join in. I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since its debut, and Manectric and Electrike are my absolute favorite pokemon (Although I can't seem find a better picture of an Electrike for my avatar anywhere...