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    Most Worthless Deoxys?

    I had trouble deciding whether to vote Normal or Speed. Speed has the advantage of outrunning everything, but it's other stats are mediocre for the uber class and it serves little purpose except defeating Attack Forme Deoxys. Normal on the other hand, has no inherent flaws except for how the...
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    Pokemon in Smash Bros.

    I picked Marowak. I can even think of a moveset: B-Bonemerang. Throws bone like boomerang, based on actual move ^B-Bonicopter. Uses bone as helicopter, NOT based on actual move vB-Magnitude. Hits ground with bone to send out shockwaves with a random radius to damage enemies, Marowak can't...
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    What's Your Favorite strategy?

    I like the trick-room one.
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    Wi-Fi team (Battle tower)

    Keep in mind that this is not for Pokemon Center Basement Friendcode wifi battles but for the Battle tower's wifi room. And while I haven't used them yet the team is already trained and pretty much ready for battle so don't suggest nature changes ;103; Coco the Exeggutor Brave nature Shell...
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    Which Moveset for my Marowak?

    before voting, remember that I will have another of my pokes use trick room before sending him out. he will move first, making Endeavor viable.
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    Your views on ubers.

    I made all of the options except one insulting to their choosers. this is because I am angry at the large population of immature idiots that think mixing ubers into standard teams is fair and the small but vocal population of arrogant idiots who think that ubers should be unquestionably banned.
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    The first/second time I tried this the poll wouldn't load.

    Do you use caught or hatched pokemon? I picked the third option.
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    Do you use caught or hatched pokemon?

    I selected option 3.
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    Do you use caught or hatched pokemon?

    I selected option 3.
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    Thank you, Serebii.

    Thank you. now that the metagame tiers have been OFFICIALLY explained now almost everyone will know them and I don't have to worry about someone who doesn't know the rules using their Uber team against my UU team or anything.
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    Dethrone Pikachu sprite comic.

    My sprite comic, hosted by freewebs, is a sprite comic in which a rebel band of cool-looking pokemon attempt to overthrow pikachu as the king of pokemon, Mewtwo and his followers seek world domination, and a group of extraterrestrial pokemon plan to destroy Earth. Jigglypuff bursts, pops, or...
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    Favorite team.

    while I keep pokemon teams in all strength classes and nearly all types, I (and most of you as well) have a favorite team that you use the most. mine is ;395; ;254; ;473; ;213; ;078; ;448;(my basic future diamond team) what's yours?
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    Do you like rapidash?

    It used to suck but in DP there's the physical - special split, plus the invention of the attack Flare Drive. Now it's a great physical sweeper.
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    how many teams have you assembled?

    Right now, none. I will have 9, 4 base teams (one for each tier) and 5 specialized teams in various tiers.
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    erureido or yukimenoko

    which is the better awakening stone pokemon? I prefer yukimenoko, although I do admit that male Gardevoir who still wears a dress is much stranger than a female Glalie who's still a perverted floating head, so erureido WAS more necessary. but I like yukimenoko better anyway.
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    In D/P, what will you use your MB on?

    For me, not ;483; because a. the time-ruling pokemon should be in a timer ball :) b. ;483; and ;484; are easier to catch than the other legenaries (with a catch rate of 30 as compared to 3)
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    who wants trainer cards?

    I have become skilled at creating trainer cards, and will accept suggestions from anyone looking for them. here's an example I made for myself:
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    Manafi: the next secret legend?

    will manafi join the ranks of Mew, Celebi and Jirachi by having 100 in every base stat and large moveset possibilities, or something else? discuss. If not a secret legend, manafi would probably be a baby Kyogre, being useful in no way other than the way Pichu is if you want Volt Tackle.
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    Should ubers be used?

    I voted "only against other ubers" because that's most fair, though the way I actually use them is "only as a last resort". I'm so ashamed...