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    The Underwater Ballet (PG)

    With the plagiarism case sorted out, here's Chapter 2. Chapter 2 The surrounding forest seemed to sleepily awaken as it bounded through the low shrubs, followed by a human. Two tiny purple rat-like Pokémon poked their heads out inquisitively from beneath a bush to watch the...
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    Encyclopika, I would like to explain myself. I am the original writer of the fic: The Underwater...

    Encyclopika, I would like to explain myself. I am the original writer of the fic: The Underwater Ballet. It is also posted on PE2K under the username Rawr. The fic went on hiatus for months, and I have added new chapters to that thread that have evidently not been posted by whoever's posted the...
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    Help on making Romance fic less cheesy!

    Seeing as you're good at horror, why not do a very dark romance? Using metaphors that would'nt normally be used in the romance genre?
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    The Underwater Ballet (PG)

    It's been a while since I've been here. I bring a new fic on my return, I hope you enjoy it! Title: The Underwater Ballet Rating: PG Shipping: Pokeshipping Chapter 1 The lights flickered when the switch was flicked. They flashed, and stayed on. The large swimming pool in the middle of the...
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    I think villians SHOULD be portrayed in an evil light, however, we all gotta remember they're humans too, so I like to think up a history for the character, why are the evil? What drove them to such madness? All things (for me anyway) happen for a reason, and I think that readers would enjoy...
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    Theory on Emerald and Yellow

    Mhmm... they would keep it under wraps and then surprise people, but if it does happen, we wont be surprised anymore...
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    Theory on Emerald and Yellow

    =] I'm a fanfic writer and reviewer, I've come to expect all sorts of wacky ideas lol.
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    Theory on Emerald and Yellow

    Nature? Since when were pokemon natural? O_o Pokemon is made-up, its a figment of imagination, which means anything is possible which means the theory is possible. Tis very interesting theory, but odd...
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    The XD FAQ Thread

    You CAN fight Eagun, once after you beat Greevil, walk outside, he battles you and tells you about the Orre Colosseum.
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    I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

    Thank you! <<nodds at reviewers>> Is it ok, if you could tell me exactly what was better?
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    I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

    Ok, I need to know if the PM List People still wanna be on the PM list, cos on the past three chapters only one person (Ayra) from the PM list has reviewed.
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    I wish I could tell you how much I love you...(contestshipping) PG

    <<nods politely at Encyclopedia, Foxfyre and Ayra>> btw, I'm a he. And Iwas kinda trying to figure out what you wanted me to change. :S But heres chapter 10... Chapter: 10 Walking down a country lane on quite a hot and humid day checking her pokedex was our favoured coordinator, May. As...
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    Who Will Show Off A Next Gen Pokemon

    I think that it will be Zoey will get the 5th Gen. and then there will be fillers with loads more in, eg. the Kecleon twins ep.
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    Respectshipping Ash/Drew

    = o Respectshipping is my favourite ship after contestshipping, so I'm glad you made this thread. It is really sweeet... you hardly find respectshipping fics on serebii though...
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    5th Generation Starting Points

    I think, they should make a new region but revisit Johto in DS glory... but it is really early to be thinking about that.
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    Is mine acceptable?
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    ^ has an STI....urr....Herpes?
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    Post a lie about the above poster!!!

    ^ sits down to pee.
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    Digital Fantasy (A Crossover, DONT POST YET)

    Why can't you write the dialogue in English? Otherwise pretty good, but please...dont use so many posts randomly.
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    Recolor shop.

    I think I can do it tomorrow, I have lots of stuff to do....argh!