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    #050 Diglett / #051 Dugtrio

    Diglett for the win i could really use any diglett if you have one please pm me for a trade
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    #072 Tentacool / #073 Tentacruel

    does anybody have a dream world tentacool that is female i would love to offer some pokemon for it :D
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    #060 Poliwag / #061 Poliwhirl / #062 Poliwrath / #186 Politoed

    Does anybody have a dream world politoed thats female if you do i have plenty of pokes and you can see what you want
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Hey guys I have a shiny Clefable, solrock, and magnezone that i am willing to trade for some other shinys so if you guys are interested talk to me :D and lets see what we can arrange :P
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    #123 Scyther / #212 Scizor

    hey guys and gals im looking for a shiny scizor doesnt matter what level the nature doesn't matter to me either but if its adamant that would be amazing what i have to offer is a untapped meaning there are no EVS put into a 2nd shiny whimsicott i have encountered it is level 62 i do believe so...
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    The NEW Battle Me Thread! - Casual Battles Only

    hey guys im new here and i just like to have a battle nothing serious i just want to get the hang of the battling really see how it is and my friend code for pokemon black 2 is 1206 7072 6486 so yer hit me up with a battle of any kind maybe i can also help you maybe with trades? idk just a thought