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    Breaking Titles at the Chateau! (823)

    Easily the best episode of the series so far.I hope the chateau doesn't prove to be a one off episode although if it doesn't then it'll be interesting to see how its incorporated further as the series goes on.
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    Mystery on a Deserted Island! (796)

    Interesting episode. It was cool seeing a Ninetales again. The ninetales scene kind of reminded me of the Mystery Dungeon story.
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    Why even mention the Champion League if it will never happen?

    I was so sure that Ash was going to win that league and be in the CL in the next series. It wasn't just a one off mention by Lucien - Cynthia mentioned it numerous times as well.
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    Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! (780)

    Speaking as someone who isn't a big fan of the AiU series, I really enjoyed this episodes. TR vs TP was great, and it was good to see Ash and Co. play a minor role for a change
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    There's a New Gym Leader in Town! (772)

    It was a decent episode. I'm glad that Ash finally put the hypocrite Iris in her place. The "gym" battle was good until they rehashed Oshowatt's scalchop obsession. Pretty lame way for such a promising battle to end.
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    How would you rank the Unova league in comparison with past leagues?

    There isn't really anything I need to add to this other than to say that I agreee with the consensus
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    Bws2-24 Unova League Conclusion! Lucario vs Pikachu! [FIRST POST]

    I certainly hope so. I'd prefer for Ash to get destroyed by a new pokemon than lose to clutzy Cameron with a 6 on 5 advantage. Plus it would mean he would achieve top 4 again - without using any pre-Unova pokes (except pikachu obviously), which for me would be slight progression.
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    Is it just me who doesn't hate the fillers of Johto?

    I don't hate them. Even the lamest episodes usually had a redeeming feature. Johto's best fillers were better than any other sagas fillers and the lamest fillers werr better than the other sagas lamest fillers.
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    Cameron's Secret Weapon (768)

    Technically shouldn't kotetsu be disqualified for not registering 6 pokes?
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    Battling Authority Once Again! (752)

    I agree that Dragonite's expressions were brilliant, and Georgia was hilariously brilliant in this episode. At least we got a taste of Trip and Serperior's battle style against Cilan rather than having him one shot everything.
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    Jostling for the Junior Cup (751)

    For a tournament episode I didn't really enjoy any of the actual battling. I do like Dragonite's personality though, and the dialogue in the episode was great. Especially Dawn's line "There sure are a lot of pains in the neck around here" Also it was cool to see a member of the Elite 4...
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    Unova League General Discussion [READ FIRST POST]

    Knowing the writers, they'll probably troll us by having him pull a Reshiram out of his ***
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    Mission: Defeat Your Rival! (765)

    Good episode by the sounds of it. Imo it's good that Trip and Bianca lost so early. Trip's strategies are too (to use his favourite word) "basic" and he already achieved his dream of battling Alder anyway, while Bianca's too naive. I'm glad Stephan went through - he's my favourite...
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    The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! (749)

    This was an ok episode - not really one of my favourite Cilan-orientated episodes, but Dawn referencing Brock again was good, if nothing else. and Scraggy scaring Cubchoo was pretty funny
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    Expedition to Onix Island! (748)

    To be honest I feel that the "iris attitude" doesn't really suit Dawn - she's prone to as many clutzy moments as Ash, if not more. Thpugh maybe I'm biased, as I hate Iris.
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    Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! (747)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Especially all the references such as Piplup's counter shield and Ash noticing that cyndaquil evolved. Also I liked how Iris told Ash to dex Piplup
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    What are some of your favorite moments from the Pokemon anime?

    My favourite was when Meowth, disguised as a Kirlia, got dex'd. That whole scene had one hilarious line after another.
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    Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 2) (745)

    I enjoyed this episode. Iris' drumming sounded a little bit like the evolution song :P
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    Rocking the Virbank Gym! (Part 1) (744)

    The real problem is that Ash is the only one with a pokedex, whereas in previous seasons Dawn or May would dex a Pokemon that Ash has already seen