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    Alt Color: Shining Onslaught

    Circa a year or so ago I began a project that took several concepts introduced to the Trading Card Game: Shiny Pokemon and Delta Species. The result was Shining Onslaught, a set that took Pokemon in their shiny forms and altered their elemental affinities to fit the new colourations. And as of a...
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    There's something rotten here

    You'd better hold your nose!
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    Don't Read This Thread

    Whatever you do, don't click the link! Argh! SEIZURE!
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    Dark steel

    Yep, I thought so. The EX: Shining Onslaught topic is gone. Oh well. Dark steel!
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    ...What? Another Christmas fake.

    Alright, so maybe it is a couple weeks overdue, but whatever. Ho ho ho! Ho ho... *HOCK* It's getting old, isn't it.
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    Presently I'm training a team to take on Anabel for the Silver Ability symbol, including a Dugtrio. My dilemma is... Should I train an Adamant Diglett with Sand Veil, or a Hardy Diglett with Arena Trap?
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    Battle Pike Help

    Does anyone have suggestions for Pokemon suitable for going around the Pike? This is what I've been using but I've never passed even 105 rooms. (By the way, I've given up Nature hunting.) Starmie @ Shell Bell Natural Cure - Surf - Ice Beam - Psychic - Thunderbolt Complete anti-Lucy...
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    FE: Lycian League

    Greetings, all. This is Shadowshocker from Zeo Forums, trying to plug some of his crossover fake cards and get a bit of feedback for them :rolleyes: ;355; For now, here's a list of what I've uploaded so far from the second of my Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken expansion sets, FE: Lycian League...