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    Mafia Is Epic

    SaI here with another of my games,this one is the start of my new mafia series.I got the inspiration and rules list from Fongerman,but i changed the rules a bit. The main change on mine is it isn't just one series that i took roles from. I have a big list of roles and when the game starts i will...
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    Hurt And Heal: Legendary Pokemon 2.0

    NOTE:limit per day is now 20 hello,SaI here. this game got closed for being too inactive and as the old owner,Prinplup,wasnt here for a few months anyone could remake it so here i am. to copy the rules from the old thread. "How To Play/Rules: #1 - For each post you must HURT one fighter and...
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    super smash bros mafia

    (credit to fongermans mafia games for the rules sheet and the idea of every person having their own role) Rules: 1. This game will be held in 48 hour blocks. During the appropriate phase everyone who has an action will PM their actions to me. After the 48 hour deadline I will write up the...
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    the great mafia war

    hello this is my first fanfic so be brutal. Chapter One:The Beginning of the End(Prologue) One day, Cyndy the Cyndaquil,a blue and yellow mouse that seemed to have fire coming out of its back, was walking down the road when a meteor hit the ground. Cyndy had to run as the shockwave alone would...
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    pokemon jeopardy v.2

    hello there tis i sas with another game for you people but...this time im not alone in running it,thats right dittoman97,the original maker of this game is running it along with me THE RULES DONT JOIN IF INACTIVE!!!!!!!!! First, three people will choose to play. Then I(or dittoman) will make...
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    the new"I summon a pokemon to defeat your pokemon" game

    ello tis I sasukeanditachi and im bringing back an old game (originally made by mattman324) here are the RULES Rules: 1:Your pokemon must be real. By "real", I mean existing out of your plane of imagination 2:Your pokemon must know real attacks. 3:no items(to make it more interesting...
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    pokemon creativity v.1.0

    ello there.it is I sasukeanditachi or just sas/sai for short.after playing many games i decided to make my own so here it is THE GAME STEP 1:10 people sign up(DONT SIGN UP IF INACTIVE) STEP 2:each round ill say something that the pokemon need to get through and you pm me the most creative way...
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    rate my lvl 1 team

    this is my lvl 1 6-6 team at a glance ;215;,;442;,;390;,;123;,;371;,;252; now to start ;215;@icicle plate nature:brave hp 12 atk 7 def 6 sp atk 5 sp def 6 spd 6 atks:scratch blizzard taunt bite She leads with a taunt then starts using bite or bizzard ;442;@lum berry...