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    Which League would have been a piece of Cake if Ash brought back his previous Pokémon?

    Excluding the Sinnoh League (for obvious reasons). I think the Unova League would have been way easier had Ash brought back his Hoenn/Sinnoh team. The fact that he lost to a recently evolved Lucario left a lot to be desired. Kalos League wouldn't have been so easy because of Alain (unless...
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    If this series become popular, we may even get more legends in the future

    Ho-Oh and the Brass Tower (Ancient Johto) Kyurem Original Dragon form Kalos War Darkest Day
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    What linked Gen 7 with Gen 8 in the anime?

    The Pokemon anime always has a way to Link the current generation to the next generation. It's been like that since the very first series: Gen 1 to Gen 2: -Ho-Oh -Togepi -Snubull -Elekid -Marril All of them appeared before Gen 2 started. Gen 2 to Gen 3: -Blaziken in the Johto League finals...