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    Has anyone come across any kind of glitches in their game? I think I've found one. On the S.S. Aqua ride from Vermilion to Olivine, there is a male Pokefan and a female Pokefan in one cabin. I am not sure how it works out if you battle them on their own, but they are positioned where you can...
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    Eartha Kitt Dies at 81

    http://enews.earthlink.net/article/nat?guid=20081226/495464d0_3ca6_15526200812261878177783 Looks like 2008 just had to grab one more talent away from us :( Please move if this is in the wrong section, mods.
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    Diamond dust and thunderstorms! Oh my!

    Earlier today, clicking on one of the TVs on my Diamond game, it gave me a special weather report about a "diamond dust effect" over Snowpoint City. (I looked diamond dust up on Google and it's apparently a real weather condition.) I went to Snowpoint City and the snow had stopped, and instead...