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    Illogical Debate

    I'm afraid I must contest that point - it's patently obvious that cheese tastes nothing since - with the exception of an obscure scottish Caboc - cheeses do not have tongues. I further submit that even if this were not the case, most curdlings are reknowned for their abstinance of both ingestion...
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    Riolu/Lucario help!

    Give him the Soothe bell, and then just walk. A lot. About 20-30K steps will do it. If you are using walking only, bring any eevees, happinys, chanseys or anything else that needs to like you before evolving along with you, saves time. Use the run north and south of Solacean (sp?) town - watch...
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    Are you ever too old to play pokemon?

    The most worrying thing about this thread is only one person mentioned in it is older than me, and he's someone's dad. Anyway, there's no upper limit to enjoying the game but I think there's an age - probably between 12 and 17 - where it's most difficult because you're going to have the piss...
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    Most Adult Game

    I think Pornomon : Pink was probably the most adult oriented of the lot. But failing that I suppose Colosseum was less kiddie-friendly if only because there weren't so many bright colours bouncing around the screen.
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    Trainer Name!! What will YOURS Be? Have you decided?

    Blue, Gold, Emerald : Manko Red, Silver, Ruby : Banjo Turns out though that Clint's character in For A Few Dollars More is called Monco, not Manko, and in fact Manko is an incredibly offensive word in japanese. As such, and given that D/P are online, I switched to my normal intername to...
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    starters, get your starters!

    would you accept a growlithe, banette, geodude or carnivine for any of the 2nd/3rd gen starters?
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    I have a spare male Lv 1 and a fistfull of communication errors with the trade server.....
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    free pokemon

    hang on, someone in here is handing out Chicoritas? Then allow me to rattle my small-change-filled burger king cup and join the begging queue!
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    free pokemon

    I think I have enough Totodiles for both of you, though I'm not able to get on to the Ninty WiFi at the moment, I've been getting comms errors for the last 20 minutes solid. I'll let you know if my situation changes....
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    Looking for a Totodile

    if for any reason this falls through, I have a couple of spares lying around (males only, I'm afraid). I won't be around to trade until after 7pm GMT, which is in about 3 hours, so that may not suit...
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    I have a Shiny Tentacool i dont really want

    I can't offer you a shiny, haven't got any. Instead I will offer a freshly hatched level 1 Duskull in the hope that you'll think there must be something special about it if I'm offering it for a shiny, when in fact it's more ordinary than Norman Ordinary, the ordinary man who lives at number 1...
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    free pokemon

    Fnurk it, why not. I have more turtwigs than I know what to do with. Also, have a bunch of Duskulls, Totodiles and Growlithes that no one wants on the GTS if you'd like one. Just make sure that once you've beaten the game you pass on hippy free-love goodness to some other poor schmuck. I'll be...
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    Looking for some starters...

    thanks for the Charmander, Bibble. BTW, if you have any further luck getting any of the 2nd/3rd gen starters, if you've any doubles of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip then drop me a line, I just got a female Bulbasaur so I should be able to sort you out with one (well, once...
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    Free Shiny Darkrai Shayman And Arceus

    God, this behaviour is so immature. I expect far more from a community built around a series of games and associated merchandising targetted at the pre- and primary school market. You've not only let yourself down, you've let everyone down. For shame! Also : "Geebag"
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    MYSTRY Mews

    Thanks hoboman - I'm naming my first child after you. Which is probably for the best since I intend to kick him out on the streets when he turns 16 to toughen him up.
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    MYSTRY Mews

    Nunbery - one R in-game, 2 Rs out. Although it doesn't really matter. I always wanted to be called something cool. Like Rico. Or Johnny Dangerous.
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    MYSTRY Mews

    Oh bless you sir, bless you! heh heh, the ol' waterworks get's em every time to the batmotradecenter!
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    MYSTRY Mews

    Fair enough.... 2062 5665 0115 Just *sniff* look after the little fella. He's only 5 billion years old and he'll miss his momma.
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    MYSTRY Mews

    I'm not exactly rolling in quality pokemon but if anything here tickles your fancy or if you are consumed by pity (hurray for pity trades!) then let me know : Combee(m) ; Banette(m) Feebas(m) Riolu (m) Lucario(m) Chimchar (m) Charmander(m) Squirtle (m) Dunsparce (f) Monferno (m) Glameow (m)...
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    Looking for some starters...

    I can sort you out with a Squirtle and a Totodile (although I need a little notice on the Squirtle to put a few Pokébuns in the pokéoven, so to speak.) Males only though, I'm afraid. At least so far.