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  1. thedarkdragon11

    Rank Ash's rivals in terms of skills

    I'll start (I'll exclude Raihan for now since the rivalry has yet to kickoff): Alain Paul Gary Prof. Kukui Gladion Bea Sawyer Dia Rinto Tyson Kiawe Barry Morrison Hau Tierno Stephan Ilima Ritchie Conway Trip Bianca Trevor Cameron Casey
  2. thedarkdragon11

    Temporary PM19/JN Characters Speculation Thread

    Since the official thread is still locked, some stickies are being flooded by this topic making those getting out of control for being off-topic... So I decided to create this thread... Please lock this one if it violates rules or if the original thread has been unlocked...
  3. thedarkdragon11


    Would you like to see Peakachu again? And use 10MVT or GMax?
  4. thedarkdragon11

    How would Ash's JN team fare in previous Conferences? (Update as of Episode 86)

    How would Ash's JN team (Mr. Mime and Infernape excluded; all movesets and experience including the trainer as of the 86th episode) fare should they compete in: Indigo Conference (including TRio interruption) Silver Conference Ever Grande Conference Lily of the Valley Conference (including...
  5. thedarkdragon11

    The Unaired Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma Episodes

    Due to the indefinite hiatus, I think this should be the time to air these episodes... If only the unaired AG episode has no issue, I think that's also another episode to be aired... I personally prefer these unaired episodes than reruns...
  6. thedarkdragon11

    Which 2 of Ash's Pokémon would beat Tobias' Darkrai and Latios?

    Includes all of Ash's Pokémon in their most recent level... Scenario is 2v2...
  7. thedarkdragon11

    Rank the following trainers according to the World Ranking System

    How would you rank the following trainers according to the new ranking system introduced? For now, let's use some hints: Leon and Lance are Master Ball class... Ash is presumed by Go to be Poké Ball class... The trainers (only include the ones which can pass into Poké Ball class among the...
  8. thedarkdragon11

    Strongest/Weakest Male Companion?

    This section is flooded with the female companion debates... How about one for the male companions? I won't include Go for now for obvious reasons... You can also disregard Max...
  9. thedarkdragon11

    From GPICSS to SICPIG?

    Is Incineroar now the consensus 6th strongest Ash Pokémon? Or still arguable alongside Snorlax, Krookodile and possibly Lycanroc?
  10. thedarkdragon11

    Will Ash's Rowlet evolve into Dartrix/Decidueye without his Everstone?

    Without the Everstone, will Ash's Rowlet evolve into Dartrix and Decidueye given the training and battles it got since finding its Everstone (since Hau's Dartrix rematch)?
  11. thedarkdragon11

    Can Alain sweep KL Finals Ash's team using Charizard?

    He swept the entire league prior to Semi-Finals using Charizard alone... If Alain used Charizard right from the beginning of the Finals, can he sweep Ash's team?
  12. thedarkdragon11

    Who is the Best Main Rival so far?

    Who do you think is the best between Gary, Paul, Trip and Alain as a main rival to Ash?
  13. thedarkdragon11

    Ash's random trainer encounters

    What do you think is the reason why Ash rarely encounters powerful trainers outside the league, the E4 and Champions and most of the time encounter rookies or "sophomores" (not rookies but doesn't possess any battle threat), especially since BW? I mean, writers can have him meet stronger...
  14. thedarkdragon11

    Will the anime introduce an Indigo League Champion someday?

    Since the Johto League, the anime introduced to us the champions and some of them are even making appearances within the region they do not belong to. The only region wherein they didn't introduce a champion was the Indigo League. Since the main character originated from Kanto and he's...
  15. thedarkdragon11

    Will Ash obtain a Fossil Pokémon?

    Will Ash obtain a Fossil Pokémon? What do you think? How would he obtain it? Should it evolve?
  16. thedarkdragon11

    Compose a team with Ash's MEs/Ash-Greninja

    Bias and preference aside, who among Charizard, Heracross, Sceptile and Glalie will ME first, second, third and fourth? ;006; ;214; ;254; ;362; And compose a team for each and Ash-Greninja. Rules: Normal forms cannot be included in the other team. (e.g. Normal Charizard cannot appear...
  17. thedarkdragon11

    When will we see Ash's Oak reserves meet/interact Ash's current team on-screen again?

    The last time they did that is after the Hoenn League. But when will we see them in an episode together not in a picture? A side-story episode, similar to Showdown at the Oak Corral would be nice also. EDIT: I'm pertaining to a meet-up/reunion of the reserves there and Ash's regional captures...
  18. thedarkdragon11

    Non-filler Specials?

    Which specials can be considered as non-fillers or are canonically part of the anime storyline?
  19. thedarkdragon11

    Who has the highest potential to beat Tobias' team?

    Having a team of Legendary Pokémons won't make him special right? Besides, Ash (who is often considered by many fans as a weak trainer) managed to beat his Darkrai (thought with very high difficulty) and almost with Latios. So, who do you think are the trainers who has the potential to beat his...
  20. thedarkdragon11

    Ash and friends in Friend Safari?

    Do you think they will go to the Friend Safari and capture Pokémons there who can mega evolve and meet some old friends there? However, the mechanics might change.