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  1. G4Pokefan

    Is Anyone else besides me Annoyed with Goh?

    I'm sorry but this character rubs me the wrong way. I'm not really liking the way the writers are pretty much focusing this new Gen series on Goh. They already had some episodes mostly dedicated to him, including the episode about all of his Pokes at the lab, giving him alot of shine, parents...
  2. G4Pokefan

    What Animal/Species/Object have not been in Pokemon Yet?

    20+ years Over 850+ Pokemon. But what animal have we not seen yet? Me, all that comes to mine is: -DOLPHIN, HYENA, MEERKAT OBJECT: WIDESCREEN TV
  3. G4Pokefan

    What do you think of Goh catching a lot of Pokemon?

    Me personally, I'm kinda torn. I mean I don't think i'll be invested in the new series but i've heard that this character is going to be catching alot of Pokes just to catch them. If this is the gimmick that the anime is gonna be doing this Gen, then every week, we'll be seeing his character...
  4. G4Pokefan

    New to the Resident Evil Franchise

    I haven't played any of the RE games before. And I see that they're on sale on the PS/XBOX1 stores for 8 bucks each. Is it worth trying out? And if so which game should I start with?
  5. G4Pokefan

    Pokemon Series and Movies Should be Streamed

    Even though i'm not a fan of the XY Saga, I was surprised to see it on Netflix early this morning and the XY movie. Since there will probably never be any DVD releases of Past Seasons on DVD, I would like to see some of them on stream. Pokemon: Johto Saga and Pokemon Adavnced saga, All the...
  6. G4Pokefan

    RARE no longer the RARE gem it used to be

    http://www.gamespot.com/articles/new-goldeneye-and-banjo-on-xbox-one-rare-says-they-aren-t-necessarily-what-you-want/1100-6418357/ when i read this blog, it actually had me heated. This guy is either in denial or just trying to mask the fact they aren't nothing anymore. I used to love RARE...
  7. G4Pokefan

    Pokemon Seasons on DVD

    I'm wondering if there's a way to request the higher ups for the rest of the Pokemon anime series on DVD. There's the first season and the orange Islands, Black and White seasons which i have, and all of the Sinnoh saga which i really don't care for.. But what about Box sets for the past...
  8. G4Pokefan

    15 Years of Pokemon (In North America)

    Started watching my Pokemon Indigo League Box sets this past week and also realized that it was 15 years ago this year that Pokemon started airing in the US in syndication. Can't believe its been long! I remember when I first saw the opening to it every morning on the then- local channel when...
  9. G4Pokefan

    Pokemon in HD Questions..

    Okay, I know this sounds weird, but ever since I got into Pokemon back in 99, I would always record the episodes whenever I got the chance to see them. (We didn't have Cable for a few years) but years down the road when Pokemon went HD. I find myself recording less and less because I didn't like...
  10. G4Pokefan

    Nintendo Power Magazine ends its 24 year run

    I only found this out in last month's issue that NP was gonna have its final issue this month. At first I was shocked, then I had thought "maybe they were evolving into a new magazine or something, but after picking up today's issue, I saw that this was definitely the end. I was actually...
  11. G4Pokefan

    Pokemon Sprites under signature

    I've never done them before but always wanted to put them under my signature page. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing it. Thanks.
  12. G4Pokefan

    Nintendo Anniversaries this year

    Not sure if I'm the only who remembers, but this year marks a lot of milestones for games/characters/consoles this year. Super Mario - 30 years. (Debuted in Donkey Kong; 1981) Donkey Kong - 30 years (Debuted in Donkey Kong; 1981) Super Nintendo - 20 years (Debuted in 1991) Super Mario World -...
  13. G4Pokefan

    Remaining Type Combinations

    The 5th gen introduced alot of unique dual-types never seen before in the last 4 gens. But there are still alot of dual-types that haven't existed yet. Some come to mind: Grass/Ghost Fire/Poison Water/Fire Rock/Dragon Electric/Psychic What other types would you have liked to have...
  14. G4Pokefan

    50 Years of The Flintstones

    Personally, I preferred the Flintstones over The Jetsons any day and sometimes even Scooby Doo! Are you a long-time fan of the Flinstones? Post your thoughts and your favorite episodes here: My favorite episodes The Flintstone Flyer Fred fakes illness so he and Barney can get out of taking...
  15. G4Pokefan

    DS or DSi XL?

    Earlier this month I went and had to sell my DS for personal reasons but had plan on buying one back later this year. But now I'm trying to see if i should buy another DS or the DSi XL? I know the DSi have more features and the XL has wider screens but the feature to play the GBA games was...
  16. G4Pokefan

    Mario Kart DS or Mario Kart Wii? Which is better?

    I've been playing my Mario Kart DS more lately than the Wii Version. The race tracks on the DS were more unique in my opinion and the choice tracks from the previous Kart games seemed to be a better pic than the Wii version. Yeah, Wii has more characters than DS, I'll give them that. Wii had...
  17. G4Pokefan

    Should Pokemon have a Spin-Off?

    I mean, look at how Seth MacFarlene has 2 spin-offs from Family Guy. Well, American Dad is not really a spin-off, but two of the shows pretty much suck in my opinion. But it'd be interesting to see a new Pokemon series spin-off. I know we had Pokemon Chronicles a few years back and wished...
  18. G4Pokefan

    Would you want a Ruby/Saffire Remake in the future?

    Everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Not so much me, as Johto was my least favorite generation. But i still plan to get the games because there are many parts in the game I had forgotten about. Red/Blue, and gold/silver have been remade, I wonder how...
  19. G4Pokefan

    Legendary Pokemon in the TV anime: No Longer a Big Deal?

    I used to think how great it was when Legendary Pokemon showed up (or were briefly seen) in the anime. I remember back in the day how big of a deal it was for alot of fans when Mewtwo made a appearance during the first season and Ho-Oh and Suicune. But since then, after seeing Lugia in the fifth...
  20. G4Pokefan

    Training Low Level vs. High level Pokemon: Which is better?

    I've been playing Pokemon games for years. With each new gen. game, when I catch Pokemon that are low-level (lv2-5), those are the Pokemon I want to train, but when I catch Pokemon (Lv 10-30 or higher) that are not legendaries, I put them in the PC because I always feel that if they're not...