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    Pokemon Comparison V2

    Since the last thread baring the same name died, I thought it is ok to revive this. The rules are simple. You put two Pokemon to be compared and the next poster gets to make the comparison and decides which of them is better. The comparisons can be made on the basis of battle effeciency...
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    Pokeblocks vs Poffins

    What do you like more? Pokeblocks or Poffins? What do you prefer? Berry Blending or Poffin cooking? For me, I like the Pokeblocks (and the Berry Blender) more.
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    What color is your DS?

    What color is your DS? ..and since you're here, I'm gonna buy one soon and I'm kinda puzzled. I was going to buy the light blue one but then I saw the new crimson/onyx one and I got obsessed with it. It looks so cool, yet it costs more and my financial status is not going well at the...
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    Pokemon Comparison

    This thread is all about comparing two pokemon. The rules are: 1. You choose two pokemon and the next reply should state which is better and why. e.g.: Golduck or Slowbro? Golduck can learn Psychic moves but is not a Psychic pokemon so it won't have STAB like Slowbro. On the other hand it...
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    Ever released a Pokemon?

    Have you ever released one of your own pokemon? If yes, then why? (I posted this thread here because it involves all pokemon games)
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    Shoal Cave Question

    What is the time for Snorunt to appear in the shoal cave? By time I mean AM or PM Thanx In Advance :)
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    Clock Error??!!

    I'm playing emerald and my clock stopped working... When I start the game it says that "clock-based events no longer occer" that means I can only get one of either Espeon or Umbreon...What shall I do??!! any suggestions?
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    Your Favorite City

    What are your favorite pokemon cities? ..... (that includes Kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn). Mine are Cerulean, Fuchsia and Lilycove. -I made a search about the topic and didn't find a match.
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    Do You Use Emulators?

    Look guys this is serious. Do you use an emulator on the PC to play your pokemon games? I know that most of you doesn't...but would you consider the one who does as a cheater? Where I live, it costs me about $90 to buy a GAMEBOY ADVANCE system and about $21 for a gameboy game...about $210 to...
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    Just another stupid question!!

    Look guys I know this sounds so stupid but...HOW DO YOU FISH IN EMERALD (USINS THE SUPER ROD)??!! Is there a secret or something?! I desprately need a whalemer!! (How despret do I sound)!