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    Legends Begin

    Welcome to Legends Begin: This is a group for people who want to meet people, uniting Groups and Clans, and for the thrill of Casual and Competitive battling. Anyone is free to join, even if you are in a clan at the moment. Rules: 1.Follow the Rules of Serebii.net 2.If you donate to the shop...
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    Whats the eastiest way to IV breed in DPP?

    Ive been trying lately and fail every time. What is the easiest way to iv breed? BTW Im not lazy, im just getting frustrated.
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    IE 6 PNG transparent fix help

    See I still use IE 6(I like it so I use it) I dont like FireFox(Dont say get it or the other browsers). I just need to know how to fix the PNG transparent fix, im not tech smart so could some one do a step by step '^_^. Im also not good with coding. Odd thing is that not all PNG images do...
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    Ditto move Glitch?

    Ok, before I start I just want to say that I have "Never" used an Gameshark or any other cheating device on my game(Diamond) or my Ds. Heres the story: 2 months ago I was chaining Ditto to find a nature I wanted. After a while I got bored and stopped, 2 months later(Last Night) I start...
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    Hotrod's Sprite archive

    Note: Please over look some of them, a few are some I worked on months ago. Fusion Pokes Pokemon Knights/Hunters I will redo the page after I get so many on here. You can use them but please give credit, Please dont steal.