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    Have you gone to the Nintendo World Store of New York City?

    I'm just curious, to see who's been there. I'm going on Saturday with my mom, and I'm kind of excited. I'm planning on buying Pokemon merchandise :D
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    If you don't know what Farmville is, I think you might be missing out on a lot. Farmville is a inbrowser facebook game where you become a farmer to plant,plow,harvest from trees, animals and your own crops to make a living. Do you play? If so what level are you on? Yes, I obviously play and...
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    RMT: Godzilla

    Standard Metagame. Forretress@ Leftovers Ability: Sturdy Nature:Relaxed EVs: 252 HP, 144 Defense, 114 Sp. Def. - Stealth Rock - Spikes - Toxic Spikes - Explosion. Ahh, Anguirus, I used to use this all the time in G/S/C. His job is too basically set up and then destroy it self and...
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    Wizards Of Waverly Place. The Movie? Makes no sense.

    I saw a advertisement today on Disney, while watching the show. The show was the episode in which the kids learn the time reversing spell. I thought about the trailer, looked it up and the movie has no point. Couldn't Alex use Mcreary Time Reary to reverse time? But of course Disney wants more...
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    Blockbuster Video game rentals?

    How much are they? I haven't been in a blockbuster in about 6 years. Yeah... In america how much are the prices..
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    Battle Frontier Team: Armageddon

    Pokemon: Salamence,Politoad and Electivire Salamence @ Leftovers Modest Nature EVS: 252 SP.atk,252 Speed, 4HP Moves: Draco Meteor Flamethrower Dragon Pulse Hydro Pump I know having two Dragon moves arent so good but Draco Meteor is for exetremly good coverage. Dragon Pulse is for...
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    Vannesa Hudgens As Leah Clearwater?

    At my dinner table, My brother texted me, saying on the radio they just said (Ryan Seacrest) That Vannesa Hudgens was Leah Clearwater in The next biggest movie "New Moon" Number two of The Twilight Film Saga, showing November 20th 2009. As I blurted out, "WHO WANTS A H.S.M AS A WERE WOLF...
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    Forever&&Always Recolour Shop.

    Hai. Im Forever&&Always, And i have made a recolour shop. I Do custom requests just ask. Proof Of My Work And Descriptions. : Arcanine. I took Scythers colours. Scyther. Took Arcanine Colours. Azelf. Played Around in gimp. Rotoms: Took Umbreons Colours. Took...
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    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA. Help.

    I think, Im almost done with this game but i cant beat Riku for the final time. (4th) He uses this attack and it always kills me. Any advice?