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    A suggestion

    I think this forum should have a badge/achievement system, similar to smogon's in a way. A way to represent what you've accomplished being here, or something like that.
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    Name Change

    Couldnt find a topic for this. "Smokay" to "3raser"
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    Why, Serebii?

    Heres wut i don't get now. Serebii is a site socially networked for competitive battling but pokesav can't be mentioned? how does that make sense? and it's not like almost every1 isnt using it...seriously, even wondertombs arent invincible. so can someone explain this?
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    Please Help Someone

    On the Pokemon League chat, i asked a mod if a sig was ok (it had no nudity or offense) and i posted the URL to it and i was perma banned twice in a row. the chat said that it was a mod named "fatty". anyways i emphasized the fact that i was asking so this would'nt happen, and he ignored it. my...
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    Serebii Chat? WTF?

    i would like answers plz. how come serebii is so strict with it's scriptying? Every time u say wonder guard, even on shedinja, its scripted and ur kicked. U can' t mention cheating in any way? and mods won't talk to you all they do is ban and ignore. theyre like bots themselves. =/ can i have...