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    Will You be wearing Purple on October 20th?

    Recently, As I have seen on Facebook, Wednesday, October 20th, Will be "Spirit Day", A day to honor 6 young men (and anyone else) who commited suicide due to gay hate. Some people that are even straight are bullied, causing suicides. According to the official Page on facebook.. Will you be...
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    Breakfast Food ;; When did it turn bad?

    Breakfast is an essential part of everyones day. It has always been labeled as the "most important meal of the day". However, when does the most important meal of the day become the most fattening meal of the day? As all of you have seen lately, big name companies have been taking advantage...
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    Ri-Chan = Art Tard

    Welcome to my art thread! Here, I will post my artwork for you to view and comment on. I accept constructive criticism with open arms, just don't get rude, or I'll be forced to call Sa-Cur-It-Y. I will start off with the banner that one the PSF Banner Award, a cool honor for me...
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    Chan-Chan Request Shoppe

    -The Chan-Chan Request shop- THE SHOP IS NOW OPEN, AND I AM TAKING REQUESTS, AND HIRING Hello, and Welcome to my shop. Here, you can order avatars or banners. I use the Photoshop CS3 program (I dont really like CS4) and make my Graphic art home made and by myself. I am really hoping you...
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    ~*Cherry Blossoms-Sakura*~

    ~*Cherry Blossoms-Sakura*~ THE SHOP IS NOW: OPEN, And currently HIRING Welcome to my request shop. Here you can Request banners,Avatars, and Gifs of all sorts. Please read the rules, and check the examples! Please note that when the shop is closed, it is closed. No if's, ands or buts. I AM...
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    Im back!

    Hello everyone. I was recently banned for creating a false account, and i confessed to it, and Erik destler lifted my ban. I am eternally grateful to him, and i will definitely be a better person. I hope i can redeem myself.
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    The static Electricity Request shop

    Welcome to the Staic Electricity request shop! Hello, and welcome to my request shop! I take tons of requests, Such as banners and Team poses! I am currently Hiring, and looking for a shop guardian. I hope you enjoy it and its requests! The Shop is now... OPEN First and formost, The...
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    Server error?

    Hey joe. The server in the fan art shops in down, And it wont let me post a new thread. Its says... Quote: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator...
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    Username change

    Hiya I was wondering how i can get a username change. I feel mine sounds unprofessional. Is this possible? I heard that if you nicely asked an admin, they would kindly do it for you. Thanks for the help on answering my question.
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    Some fan art banners

    Hello people! I use a program called GIMP, which i have heard most of you use... and i would like to know if you have some good tutorials and brush sets. I'm a newbie at it, and here are some of my pieces of work! If you have any nice brush sets,hints, or tips Post here, for i would like to...
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    ~Oo~ Naruto- Lessons of life~oO~ [PG-14]

    Hey ya'll! It's pokemonmaster21, back for more writing. You might have remebered me from my other few fics, such as ... The lauren Chronicles, and others. Well here i am, back for writing a naruto fic, which sets them in thier late teens, where they have fun, and talk about junk, and obviosly...
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    Family guy club v.2

    Upon request of the owner, i have made this new club. The old one closed because of one liners!! So dont one line post!1 Rules Follow all serebii forum general rules no flaming no teasing/taunting no cyber bullying;will be immeadiatly banned from club and most likely forums. NO...
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    Is music Becoming too Sex-oriented?

    With recent hits like lollipop and sexy can i? have played frequetly on various Radio stations. Many children form ages 8-12 susally listen to these stations. Do you think music is becoming to sex oriented? Girls susally sing about having thier hearts broken, falling in love, Having...
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    The most powerful atom smasher coming alive

    http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2008/09/08/large-hadron-collider.html Read this. Though the article syas "it might spell doomsday, we can never know. This was a recent operation after the "Black hole machine" This is the part that amazes me. To re-enact the big bang theory, or so, re-enact...
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    ~The Pyshic Prowess Club~

    You Have now entered Pyschic Prowess This is a group meant for Pyschic Type lovers, and none other. If you dare enter, you must complete this application if you would like to join... Members Lucariolover97- smoochum rank Gengirl-smoochum...
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    ^*~*Sprite sensations*~*^

    ^*~*Sprite Sensations*~*^ ;330;The shop is now:OPEN;330; We are affilated with the lovely ;rukario;"A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious shop of banner and spriterstuff";rukario; Welcome to my shop! I do multiple things, but mostly sprites. . I am currently not looking for...
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    Adobe photoshop is not...

    Help! Exuse me, but could i have some hepl? I tried to dowload adobe photoshop 0.7, and i have a windows 98. It asked if i would llike to save or open, i did both each time i tried. Then when it tried to open, it said... and this warning message appered, and it said... This file is to large...
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    ~*~The Lauren Chronicles~*~

    Lauren is a young girl with a dream. A small dream, but a dream good enough to come true. However, she will need the help of others to accomplish her long journey accross the sinnoh region, which will put her and her team-mates through rough challenges, harrowing escapes, and destrutive...
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    The Official: where are they now thread

    Where are they now???? This is for disscussion of where are they now: movie stars, singers, rappers, members of your blogs and forums, and even members of this forum! share open thoughts here! disscuss!
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    ~*~The Sarah Bareilles Group~*~

    ~*~The Sarah Bareilles Group~*~ Code: take out the g code: take out the g Rules: 1. all sppf rules apply 2.dont argue 3.NO SPAM!! here you will dissucuss Sarah Bareilles and her music. Do get into this group, on your...