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  1. Jellyfisher

    Ways to stream BDSP?

    Hey so I want to stream the game on discord with my friends as I'm playing, as I'm sure many of us will want to. Can anyone recommend a capture card for this? Additionally it would be great if it's for sure compatible with a Macbook ( all I have here in college :3 ) Or, if there's a better way...
  2. Jellyfisher

    Deleting old content in bulk

    Hey! As you can tell on my profile I've had an account on serebii for quite some time and while I've been a consistent player I haven't kept up on here. Also I'm not 10 anymore so I'd like to erase my old content Lmfao. Is this possible or would I have to delete each post individually? Thanks in...
  3. Jellyfisher

    The Woman in Black

    Do you want to see this movie? I want to so bad. But if you are scared of like, everything, then you should never in your life see it. It is a horror movie and if you haven't seen the trailers, go ahead. It is so awesome. ;354; SPOOKY!
  4. Jellyfisher

    Favorite Pixar Movies

    What Pixar movies are you favorites? Name your top 3 favorites. For me: 1.Monsters Inc. 2.Finding Nemo 3.Up So now it is your turn to tell.;386;;386;;386;
  5. Jellyfisher

    What instrument do you play!

    I was just wondering what instrument people play? I play the clarinet. It is not that manly but I am pretty good. So what do you all play? :648s:
  6. Jellyfisher

    Platinum Planning

    Umm this is what I'm thinking- Torterra -Earthquake -Rock Slide -??? -??? ______________ Umbreon -Confuse Ray -Payback -Bite -??? ______________ Gastrodon -Muddy Water -Surf -Recover -Ice Beam ______________ Medicham -High-Jump-Kick -Fire Punch -Thunderpunch -Ice Punch...
  7. Jellyfisher

    My Platinum Team- Help!!!

    Okay So Like Here Is My Team: Leafeon- Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, Synthesis, and Rock Smash Infernape- Blast Burn, Flamethrower , Flare Blitz, and Close Combat Mewtwo- Psychic, Rock Climb, Blizzard, and Aura Sphere Jirachi- Psychic, Draco Meteor, Healing Wish , Doom Desire Feraligatr-...
  8. Jellyfisher

    Please Rate!!!

    Hey I'm still training but can u rate my team Altaria ;334; Safegaurd Fly Sing Protect Lv.37 Toxicroak ;454; Sucker Punch Nasty Plot Revenge Swagger Lv.38 Staraptor ;398; Fly Defog Close Combat Aerial Ace Lv.45 Glaceon ;471; Bite Hyper Beam Icy Wind Shadow Ball Lv.35 Drapion...
  9. Jellyfisher

    What is your team when you beat the Elite Four?

    Just wanting to know. I have no idea on my soul silver, i beat it like 28 times. But my recent Platinum is Infernape Leafeon Ho-oH Mewtwo JIRACHI and Feraligatr.;392;;385;;250;;160;;470;;150; Jirachi is the best in the world.;385;;385;;385;;385;;385; By the way I'm new 2 Serebii (;