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    Do you think the teams were rushed, in Sinnoh? xO. spoilers .Ox

    'afternoon~ <3 So... do you think the teams were rushed, in Sinnoh o:? I mean, Ash already captured 5 Pokémon and he didn't even win his 5th badge, yet .___.! Dawn already captured 5 Pokémon and she only has two ribbons, sadly ;/. And Brock... well, Brock's Brock. ;x... Thoughts?
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    Jessie+Fantina. <333~.xO;

    hiiiiiiiiii. :B It's me, again :3. I'm kind of back with new things and yeah : D. As always, c+c. That's Jessie, in her contest outfit x33. It looks pretty cool, to me. People keep on saying that her arms look weird, though ;_;. <~ And to be honest, they look fine, to me. D:"...
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    xxO. Guess the hair colour of the above poster. : D

    hi~ <333~O.xx Welcome to the " Guess the hair colour of the above poster " game ^^. This game is effortless, really ;D. All you have to do is guess the hair colour of the above poster. Simple, hey? ~> However, there are few rules that you need to follow. <~ So, read them. Okay? Okay. -pats-...
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    `. f a n t i n a || clubb~

    • • • The Fantina Cup - BOO! : O Winner: Shiwin Pokémon used on the montage: Drifloon Unique trait: Little bow added on Drifloon • • • `. f a n t i n a || clubb~ Salut. :3 Welcome to the awesome Fantina Club x33. As you can see, this club is dedicated to the classy Fantina...
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    s p r i t i n g; thread. <3

    hi. :3 Well, um, welcome to my second spriting thread. I'm Vavavoom, and, like, I sprite x3. lol. I'm still a beginner, though. ~> Like, I'm not a professional, compared to some other people here. : D So yeah. I'm here because I want to showcase things I've done, not too long ago. :3 From...
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    ~> Cherubiii + Cherriiim Club

    ~> Cherubiii + Cherriiim Club Where life and flowers bloom... :3 Note: Banner coming some day. Hello everybody and welcome to the official ~> Cherubiii + Cherriiim Club. :3 This club is dedicated to the 2 cutest cherries in the world... Cherubi + Cherrim. : D Here, you'll find Cherubi +...
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    // The Sailor Moon Club v4.0

    xO. NOTICE~* ... This club died due to our inactiveness. <~ So yeah. Don't bother posting or whatever. // The Sailor Moon Club v4.0 Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. :3 Welcome to the official Sailor Moon Club v4.0. So you're a Sailor Moon fan? Well, me too x3! You're in the...
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    Jessie. <3

    Hellu~ :3 I've done... heh, something different. I made a trainer x3. That trainer is called Jessie. Jessie's from the Pokémon Animé. She works with Team Rocket. C+C please ^^. Don't edit without my permission, by the way ;3. <~
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    Contest Master | Elite Master - Wallace Club <3

    Contest Master | Elite Master - Wallace Club <3 Bonjour :3! Welcome to the marvelous Wallace Club. I say marvelous, but I could also say beautiful, nice, cool, cute, adorable, pupu, interesting, hot Wallace Club :3. Why all those adjectives o:? Yes, you guessed it x3. Because of Wallace...
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    Flashing Lights // Ribbons

    Flashing Lights // Ribbons Now with Coordinator Cards! Shop status: Open Welcome to my third ribbon/Coordinator card shop. :3 I've made new things that are pretty cool and pretty cute. Be sure to read everything bellow carefully. <~ // Rules; › Read this & this. <3 › Follow...
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    Two weird babies 0.o.

    Okay, well, I made two babies. ~> In my opinion, they look weird 0.o. First, people say that the sheep, Mareep's pre-evolution, looks like a bum. s: The other one's Chinchou's pre-evolution :l. I say it looks like an alien ":3. Anyway... C+C please :3. -hugs everyone that posts-...
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    Future Pokémon Contests - Where will they be held?

    Future Pokémon Contests - Where will they be held? I'm wondering where will the future Pokémon Contests will be held, in the Sinnoh Region. o: I thought about few places, but, like, I want to know you guys' opinion ;3. I noticed a pattern, by the way (well, everyone probably noticed it by now...
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    × Baby Pokémon Club v2.0

    × Baby Pokémon Club v2.0 Hi there and welcome to the Baby Pokémon Club v2.0 :3. You like Baby Pokémon? <33 You think they're cute/inetresting/awesome x3? If so, why don't you join the club? ;3 I'm sure you won't regret it. But you know, there are rules C:. I'd like you to read the rules...
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    Hellu. :3 I made an evolution for the big pink thing known as Lickilicky x3. The evolution is called Lickking (Lick + King. Get it? lul) <3 Here it is: I really, really need help, honestly :'3. <~ Not that proud of it. Edit:
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    » ... The Tucker Club :3

    » ... The Tucker Club :3 » ... The Tucker Club :3 Tucker... x3 Yus, the wonderful, nice, and cool Tucker. <3~ You know that boy from the Battle Dome? Yup, that Tucker. :3 This club is dedicated to him. He deserves a club. So, I guess you're here because you want to join his club. If...
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    xO. Vera; r i b b o n s

    xO. Vera; r i b b o n s Shop status: Closed Welcome to my ribbon shop, pupues :3. I make ribbons; that's pretty much it :x. Oh and read the rules. And the forms. And everything else, k? k x3. • • • xO. Rules; • Read this & this. • F O L L O W ... T H E ... F O R M. • R E A D ... T H E ...
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    Rushed captures or rushed evolutions?

    As the title says, what do you prefer? Rushed captures or rushed evolutions?
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    Come on, rate it. :3

    Okay, well, first of all, I never thought I'd be posting in this section 0.o. I guess there's a first time for everything, though. Alright. Can someone rate my team, please? <3 Oops, forgot to say something. I use HMs. I know they're not that powerful, but oh well. :x Aipom (Impish) @...
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    º <. Smoochum × Jynx Club

    º <. Smoochum × Jynx Club ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VY Presents: The Search For The Next Assistant º <. Contest rules + Information; º <. Contestants; #1. Angelic Pika #2. Mangaeyes #3. Mr Dreavus #4. KetchupO º <. 1rst Week...
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    × Ribbons.|

    × Ribbons.| × R i b b o n s.| " Where ribbons & life start " Welcome to Vavavoom's ribbons shop. :3 Shop's status: Closed × Rules: • Read those rules & those rules • Use the forms <- :3 • You're only aloud to request 1 ribbon per post • Don't use your ribbon for a project --; (fan game...