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    Good arc, lacking game

    Specifically in terms of how they carry over concepts from the games into their own narrative, resulting in what's honestly outshone its source material. There's a real element of danger in the XY Chapter. Particularly with the quintet being forced from their homes rather than voluntarily take...
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    The "One True Translation" myth

    I recently revisited The Cartoon Cipher's "Which Did You See First" video after Red Bard's big deep dive video on translation that got me thinking. This isn't necessarily about dubs vs. subs but the general misconception about translation in general. That the subtitles for any Anime you watch in...
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    What does it mean to kill a character?

    With the ongoing discussion of "Bury Your Gays" among media critics, I find myself thinking about knocking off my characters be they minor or major. The whole "Anyone can die" gimmick in many shows and movies are hooking for good reasons but they wear thin when a character you've been invested...
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    Do we underappreciate filler too much?

    I mean, I get the impatience for something bigger to go down but it can also feel like we never stop to smell the roses too often and ignore how the Pokemon Anime's been structured on the whole. It's something that is often a source of discontent with other fandoms of other TV shows like Steven...
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    In many fandoms, discussions on the writing of the books, movies or shows in question will often involve guaranteed go-to grievances. Among them, you are more than likely to find “exposition” in the top five at least. It’s been my observation that these “exposition” problems can often stem from...
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    So... Subversion

    The recent discussion in regards to subversion and shocking the audience has taken an interesting turn. It’s never been anything new as gritty reboots like Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman have been dressed down for striving for what they saw as “realistic” at the expense of the story as well...
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    Do some Pokemon movies even need Ash?

    This video got me to thinking about Pokemon 4ever started a sort of trend for Ash to feel incidental in a lot of the movies. Hell, while Max and May would get their own subplots in Jirachi: Wishmaker and Temple of the Sea respectively, it'd often feel like Ash should take a backseat to them...
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    Aspects of dubs that you prefer

    Now if you're no fan of dubs period and approach them in bad faith, this thread is not for you. To put myself in the line of fire, I honestly like it when dub scripts rewritten certain lines of dialogue so that it sounds like what a native English speaker would say in certain scenes of certain...
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    Do we get too hung up about "lore" and "worldbuilding?"

    Watching Dragon Ball Dissection, an excellent Youtube series that explores the famous Shonen series with excellent analysis, brought me to this particular part here: MistereFusion makes a compelling argument about how worldbuilding is important but should be seasoning for the entree and...
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    Does the Anime have an exposition problem?

    When watching this video: I found myself agree with the whole "Brockatosis" claim. There is a problem with how a lot of battles tend to have side character interrupting the flow of the action itself in order to spell out the strategy at play or to point out the bloody obvious. My problem isn't...
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    Why does the dub use only some of the Japanese music?

    I actually don't mind a dub score per say since I've heard many that are actually pretty good like Digimon (largely with Tamers and onwards) or LBX and 4kids wasn't too shabby with a lot of their own BGM even if it barely holds a candle to Shinji Miyazaki's score. TPCi even had a few decent...
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    Iris's goal should've been more... concise.

    When you think about it, the games gave them a good potential plotline to follow on: Iris as Drayden's successor. Why be a "Dragon Master" when he proving herself to Drayden would've been solid? Have her end goal involve giving Ash a challenge worthy of his eighth Badge. Feels like the writers...
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    Romantic Subplot: Why ARE they still here?

    I think there’s something to be said, one that the video didn't touch upon, about how these subplots are widely unpopular with readers and yet so many writers seem to keep writing them. You’d think this go the way of the Dinosaur but somehow it endures. I feel like this paradox is a result of...
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    What does likable even mean?

    I have a beef with the term "likable" and "unlikable." Specifically, how it's often used in regards to characters and the protagonists in particular. Many, from what I've observed, put it in a way that seems to refer to whether or not they'd like to hang out with these guys as pals or watch...
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    Hype, Anime and the backlash

    From Attack on Titan to Re:Zero, the hype for the standout shows of each season often comes with people praising it up and down (particularly with its first episodes or so) as a classic for the new era. And much like a pendulum, the further this mindset is pushed in, the further it will swing in...
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    The Dos and Don'ts of Damsels in Distress

    It's inevitable that in an action oriented story is going to involve characters being outmatched and needing help. I mean, hey, can't have some tension if we don't see our heroes facing insurmountable odds, right? However, when it comes to numerous female characters, this has been something of...
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    Was anybody else impressed by Sarah's M20 performance?

    One thing that I fret about watching I Choose You! dubbed was if Sarah Natocheny's portrayal of Ash would show any improvement over what she got on the TV series. It always felt like she's come into her own over time but often seemed hampered by the voice direction and script adaptation the...
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    Mary Sues: What even are they?

    Overly Sarcastic Productions is a little known Youtube channel that discusses about writing and stories from way back when. However, I feel their Trope Talk series is a great resource for writers and a cool insight into storytelling tools. This video in particular was especially enlightening...
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    Were we too hard on Iris?

    Much as I find issues with Best Wishes, Iris felt like people were quicker to jump to her in comparison to other elements. Hell, it almost feels like the writers acknowledge this vitriol and ditched Iris meeting Serena despite the set up. Did we single her own too much? Did the writers regret...
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    Why did Axew suddenly forget it wanted to evolve?

    If they wanted their cutesy mascot for Iris, why did they set up that goal for the little guy to become a bigger guy only to pretend it never happened? Yeesh, at least Dawn's Piplup had an episode explaining WHY it didn't want to evolve. Could've at least gave Axew that.