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    Please Prune me moderator/admin reading this.

    I want you to prune me, I have enjoyed my time on sppf but last couples of weeks were not so good. I am aware what pruning means, and I did thought of this for a long time. Good luck on this forum! And thanks for pruning me!
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    I need help: my edit options don't seem to work

    I need help. When I adjust my options, and I turned off the option to see everyones avatars and images and signatures,then I saved, I went back to a thread and saw the avatars what did I do wrong? Or is this a problem in general?
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    I found out something about EV-training and PC's+ question

    I had a tropius wich was lv 49 (it had pokerus, but no EV's), I wanted to train him to lv 50 only, so I started with a EV-training. His speed was 61 and I thought to raise it, I fought a lot of zubats, with my tropius (macho brace and pokerus) but because I didn't want him to level up, because...
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    would you like to see gymleadercastle returning?

    would you like to see gymleadercastle returning? And if so, what set of gymleaders(Region) you want? And last what do you want the gymleaders to use, I mean may a gymleader like Erika also have a pokemon like tropius? (so pokemon from other (later) gens I mean,I don't mean you have to make...
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    new features and old ones aswell you want to see?

    ^wich new and old features you want to see in this game, I want to see the games back, the choosing (6) pokemon from all your boxes. The announcer, since we then learn how to say the names.
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    happenings: lucky or more like quests?

    If this thread already exists( I have searched not found anything like it),then close it. Do you want more happenings to be lucky ones or more like quests? I mean by lucky ones such as the liechii berry and the quests ones test you more on experience like the whole path to the regi's. Hwat do...
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    way to check evs?

    Is there a way to check evs in fr and lg, I mean just like the ribbonlady in slateport, and if so, where is it?
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    Gym types

    How do you want the types? This is again a speculation thread, if it already exists this way then close it, but I didn't find such a thread. So how do you want the types to be mixed. Let say it in a percentage so there are 100% pokemon, lets say 60% is a dual type pokemon, so your total...
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    can you trade all pokemon to r/s before you beat the E4?

    First if this thread already exists please close it, I couldn't find such thread Can you trade all pokemon to ruby and sapphire(not emerald) before you challenged and beat the elite four in r or s? I know it was not possible in emerald, but since r and s are the first games, maybe it is...
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    Gym types?

    If this thread already exists, then close it, I used the search button but couldn't not find a thread about the gyms. This however is just a speculation thread. Wich type of pokemon gyms do you think there will be in diamond and pearl?(name 8) This are my guesses: 1 dark 2 flying 3 bug 4...
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    Emerald pick up question

    have you ever found tm26 wth pick up? (I know your pokemon needs to have a lv of 91-100)
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    to wich level you train your pokemon?

    see question above my answer: most pokemon to lv 50 some like tyranitar something higher I mean lv 55, and I only trained 10 pokemon or so to lv 100
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    wich age?

    What is the minimum age, you think you can play pokemon, and I really mean like working with Ev's etc, and keep in mind that some people use games that are in another language? An what do you think is the maximum age, you can play pokemon?
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    Item from Emma(?)

    In xd I got a white herb instead of an amulet coin from Emma. Has this happend to you? And can you still get a amulet coin? If tis thread already exists, close it
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    speculation about pre-evo's

    this is a speculation about pre-evo's. I think that the pre-evo's are related to the efoort points. If you look at all the pokemon that got pre-evo's in the 4th generation like sudowoodo and snorlax, you see that they all gave 2 effort points in ruby and sapphire etc. (gave: because I don't know...