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    Favorite Generation 4 Game?

    So what's your favorite?
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    Favorite Rodent?

    I won't add the Pikachu line into this poll because it's a bit too popular. Anyway, what are your favorite rodent-like Pokemon?
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    Super Effective?

    Some types are easy to imagine why they are super effective against each other. For example, fire is weak against water because water can douse fire. The brains over brawn thing with psychic and fighting is easily explainable as well. But what about other types, and their super effectiveness...
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    Have you ever found a typo or a translation error in the Pokemon games? Give your examples here.
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    Dewgong or Walrein?

    So which one do you like better? I like Walrein better.
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    Least Used Legendaries

    Most legendaries I noticed are not not used very often in competetive play, some like Jirachi, the Lake Trio, Mew or Heatran are some examples. Thoughts? Opinions?
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    Who does it belong to?

    So, hypothetically, let's say two different people put two Pokemon in a daycare, and ... they get "busy" and make an egg. Who gets the egg?
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    Happiness in the Wild

    Why don't you ever find Pokemon that you have to evolve by happiness in the wild? Like Blissey, Crobat, or any Baby Pokemon, (The exception being Pichu in some cases) What kind of happiness do they need? Is it the happiness of being with a trainer, or happiness in general? Can they not obtain...
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    Safari Zone

    Do you use the Safari Zone? I only use it to catch certain Pokemon, but it can be a b---- trying to catch rare Pokemon who run away the very first chance they get. And the thing that makes me die a little inside is when a shiny runs away from you.
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    So what's your general opinion on contests in the Pokemon games? Do you participate in them, or just ignore them? Do you make poffins or Pokeblocks? I occasionally participate in them. They're a fun thing to do when you're bored. Opinions or thoughts on contests?
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    Have you caught a Missingno?

    So have you ever encountered, or caught a Missingno, or like Pokemon in any of your games? Have you used it in battle, or what?
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    Muk or Swalot?

    Choose your weapon. I choose Swalot.
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    Crawdaunt or Kingler?

    Which do you choose? I like Crawdaunt...
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    Game Corner

    Do you use the Game Corner, or play the games there? Unless there's a certain prize I want, I just save up a bunch of money, and buy enough coins to buy it. I never win at the games anyway.
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    Pokemon Clothing

    Many Pokemon include clothing in their design... but there's a big question: Where does this clothing come from? Is it a part of their body to begin with, or what? I can understand if a Pokemon like Gardevoir who looks like she has a dress maybe had the clothing grow out of her naturally, but...
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    Photobucket or Flickr?

    Which do you choose?
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    Most ANNOYING move?

    I HATE IT when Pokemon constantly use Supersonic, or Confuse Ray, or Swagger so that you're in a steady state of confusion, and frustration. They always manage to do it when I don't have any Full Heals on hand, and I'm on the last couple of Pokemon. Have you been annoyed by certain moves?
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    A Sound Type?

    I was reading through another thread and Sweet Pinpuku proposed the idea of a type based entirely on sound... certain Pokemon, like Exploud, or Jigglypuff, or Chatot seem to be very much based around sounds... what do you think? By the way, credit for this goes to Sweet Pinpuku.
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    EV/IV Breeding?

    What exactly is it? Do any of you do this? I heard it's really hard...
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    Game Corner

    Do any of you actually play the games in the Game Corners? I'm not very good at them, so I generally avoid the games. Instead I just save up my money and go buy a bunch of coins so I can get a certain prize. What do you do?