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    Is Iris heading to Hoenn?

    After watching to Iris special, she sees a rayquaza fly into the sunset and says "im heading to where rayquaza's flying" do you think this is true? or am i missing something.
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    new tork city and castelia city??

    im sorry i may be a bit confused but isn't Castelia city based on downtown manhatten in the unova region.. and in the new pokemon movie.. new tork city is all of new york and far from unova.. im confused.
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    whatt?? why?? i don't follow on the japanese verions so i wouldn't know yet but anyone got a clue. i was hoping cilan would go with ash to kalos.
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    virgil is coming back?

    i just saw before that there making more pokemon chronicles well... "specials" and it says virgil is coming back
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    what do you think ash iris and cilan anre gonna do in kanto?

    really curious in this one im pretty hyped for it cuz i love kanto, but what do you all expect is gonna happen, i was thinking we will mostly likely see brock or misty again if we get a chance or even gary.
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    will we see allt he rivals from unova again?

    i know the league recently ended..well today actually, and i wanna know what u guys think.. will we see stephan cameron bianca virgil georgia or burgundy again?
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    whats gonna happen to cilan?

    after the best wishes series ends, we now iris wont go on with ash back to kanto, but do you think cilan will continue on to be the male companion of ash or will he stay back in unova and return to being a gym leader
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    brock may be makin an appearence !!!

    i been seeing photos.. it showed ash in a suprised face to see brock wearing a doctors uniform with a chansey next to him.... think its real or fake? photo BELOW!!!! http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/s720x720/403569_453078371369573_1147050007_n.jpg
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    sould ash catch meloetta?

    do u think he sould catch her.... it wood be cool tho
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    what would you do... to make the pokemon anime better then it is now...

    what things would u change , which characters would you bring back ,what would you do , please share
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    which old character would you want to appear in the pokemon anime again?

    id like to know from other people, which old character or old traveling companion of ash, would you like to appear in the new or future seasons of pokemon