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    Kadjaft's Request Emporium

    Welcolm to my shop, Just a couple of things before we start, If you see this next to one part, it means that it's new, Rules: 1) no more than 3 Requests at a time from one person, 2) Say who you are requesting it to, If you Don't, then It will be ignored, 3)No Spamming, Spam and you will...
  2. K

    Where do you get...

    Yeah, Where do you get the TM Dragon Claw? I wanna get it for my Shelgon, cause I don't wanna train it up to level 70 or so before I can learn it... If someone could tell me, I'd be grateful,
  3. K

    Kadjaft's Pixel Stuff

    Welcome to my Pixel Topic Everyone! (If I'm not aloud to post Sonic PA's then remove this topic...) As I'm A Sonic fan, Most of my Work is based on that... and quite a few weapons are made by me too ^^, Now, Without Further Adieu, Let the Looking Begin!! First, I'll introduce you to my...
  4. K

    Eggs and Shiny chance

    Ok, Basically, if you have an egg, and you hatch it, and it doesnt turn out to be a shiny, does the chance still be random if you reset the game and hatch again? or will it always become the normal pokemon?
  5. K

    My all games team (mainly emerald)

    Ok, I'll Post my Main and Secondary Team, Best I do that... This is my Team In training (which is my secondary team) Blaziken Lv63 Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut Brick Break Fire blast Lapras lv 100 surf ice beam Hydro Pump Sheer Cold Gengar Lv 100 Hypnosis shadow ball dream...
  6. K

    Hi Everyone!!!

    I'm a new person to these forums, Pokemon Is second to my favorite game and show to Sonic the hedgehog, (just clearing that up before the monkeys try to take over the world...) Say hi to me and be nice or...*pulls out a tuna*... I'll slap myself with this tuna...