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    New Toonami Show Vote

    For anyone interested in Toonami, Aniplex has put up a poll asking which of their shows we'd be interested in seeing on Facebook. If you're interested, check it out before it expires: www.facebook.com/questions/598214373525845/
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    How Do You Feel The Sinnoh League Stacked Up

    Well with this episode of Diamond and Pearl the Sinnoh League has come to its conclusion with Takuto coming out on top as the winner. Well what's your opinion on how it was handled by the writers? How would you say it stacks up to the previous 3 leagues? In my opinion, the Sinnoh league...
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    What was the point

    Before you judge this, this is not a Rioulu/ Lucario for Ash thread Ever since Sinnoh began there were different points in the coarse of it which made references to Ash's ability with aura or some reference to aura in which Ash became involved. However when it came to the peak at the Iron...
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    Most Pointless Episode

    Title says it all. Here you post what you think was the most pointless episode of Pokemon thus far. Heres mine: The Bicker The Better: this to me had to be the lamest plot of any Pokemon episode I have ever seen. They just randomly go into the childish plot of who is better boys or girls...