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    Aw, I never saw your reply to my comment. I've been finding old Pokémon webcomics that I used...

    Aw, I never saw your reply to my comment. I've been finding old Pokémon webcomics that I used to read back in 2006. And that ultimately led me to search for Ezpero again. It says on Ezpero that it's being looked at, and on Ages it says your thinking about bringing it back. Is this reference...
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    It's Saturday! And I'm here to collect my free Rare Candy! x3

    It's Saturday! And I'm here to collect my free Rare Candy! x3
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    :3 (10character)

    :3 (10character)
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    Sprite Resources

    Does anyone have the interiors to the Building that are between routes. You know the ones, From FR/LG. The guy who doesn't let you pass and says he's thirsty. I don't know what they're called. Please help me out. x
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    I need these badges for my game!

    Please read the rules and then post in the sprite shop forum. Thank you, ^=^
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    Kindergartener Voted Out By Students

    My brother has Aspergers syndrome. This is sick. And another reason why I don't like black people
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    A kid's obsession with Myspace.

    I seen this before. It's funny and scary o.O
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    A woman buys a DS and it caused her children to be crazy - Why children h8 Sharing.

    "The Nintendo" lulz. Call it by it's real name >.< That's what you get when you try to share a 1 player only games console between 5 kids. I hate the Daily Mail. They scare monger.
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    The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

    I beat the Elite Four with only 5 revives left. Darn Cynthia's Lucario's Aura Sphere. Recieved the Eevee from Bebe. I sailed to mini Sinnoh area. Completed Stark Mountain. Back to Sinnoh, Finished the Victory Road. Saved the games, Talked to Mr. Backlot and reset till he put in an Eevee...
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    What pokéball do you throw most often in D/P?

    Great, Ultra and if it's been a few rounds then I throw a Timer Ball
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    I've never been to the Tower yet. I have access but I'm just filling my dex and going underground.
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    This game is TOO HARD.

    Have you heard of the type chart. Get more Pokémon. Fire, Flying, Electric, Bug, HM Slave, etc I don't use fire. My Empoleon takes down ice. Kricketune owns grass. (It has sing and perish tune =^_^=)
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    Agreed 10char
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    what gym had you frustrated

    I've finished the 7th. None so far. I hate training though -_-'
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    What is the most annoying thing in D/P

    The snow. Agh! You can go on water. Abover air. Under water. But they don't let you stay on snow. Looks pretty but, Agh! I hate the mud aswell. It's a swamp. They should give you a paddle boat or let you surf or something
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    how many times have you traded?

    1. In game. He's called Kazza. Reminds me of German Cheese.
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    Avenger's Fakemon/Other Sprites

    Amazing. I can see some of the Pokémon are look-a-likes of current Pokémon. Penpin is uber kawaii <3. Good stuff
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    -D/P characters fanart-

    Wow! I love it. It's beautiful.
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    The Official D/P Recent Happenings Thread!

    Beat Cyrus and Caught Dialga in 4 Ultra Balls :3