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  1. rocky505

    Who deserves a Grass/Dragon Mega Evolution more?

    I was recently in a debate about whether Sceptile or Meganium deserved a Grass/Dragon Mega Evo. The person I was debating with would say it would make more sense for Meganium because it is based on a dinosaur. I then bring up points as to why I thought Sceptile deserved it more than Meganium...
  2. rocky505

    Original Mewtwo Strikes Back Trailer

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXJrckR66lk I saw this on Youtube this morning and was amazed at how the anime could've ended. I guess the games and anime's popularity changed plans.
  3. rocky505

    Worst Internet Forums?

    Is there a forum you just hate for a specific reason? Like Members on there Rules Etc One place I know of is CAWS forum for the WWE video games. Nearly every member there has a short fuse and will explode on anyone for no reason. Plus they complain about random stuff a lot.
  4. rocky505

    Possible Filler Saga Thread.

    With the Unova League starting in November chances of a filler saga are pretty high. What would you want it to be about? Elite 4 tournament Black City/ White forest with banjirou World Tournament? Mini region like the OI I would love another OI type saga. Ash earning some anime only...
  5. rocky505

    Saban now owns the CW4kids block.

    http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showthread.php?294028-It-seems-4Kids-has-sold-quot-Yu-Gi-Oh!-quot-or-something&p=3991876#post3991876 It says on this link he bought just Yu-Gi-Oh but we found out later he bought the entire block from 4Kids. This includes the following shows so far. Chaotic Cubix...
  6. rocky505

    Pokemon Soul Silver Team

    I have recently started a new game on my Soul Silver and would like to see how my team looks. Typhlosion Serious 252 SP ATK 252 SPD 6 ATK -EQ -Flamethrower/Fire Blast -Thunderpunch -Focus Blast Basically a mixed set. If I had the time and patience I would've bred a Cyndaquil with...
  7. rocky505

    Xbox 360 will not read CDs.

    Okay I have had a problem with my 360 for the past few weeks. Everytime I insert a CD(burnt music CDs. games and DVDs work fine) into my 360 it says Open Tray. I tried cleaning out my 360 with a can of air to see if the disc reader inside of it was filthy but that didn't help. Another reason I...
  8. rocky505

    Error Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

    I was looking through my binder of old Yu-Gi-Oh cards and I came across a card called Fusion Devourer and I noticed that it's holographic style is not alined right. It is holographic like a secret rare card too. Would this add more value to it? Also the card came from Strike of Neos.
  9. rocky505

    Shows That You Want on Netflix.

    I recently began watching Netflix and noticed how so many great shows are not even on there at all and it sometimes makes it boring. But here is a list of shows I would love to be on netflix. Digimon- All seasons- Great cartoon for about the first 3 seasons then went mediocre around the end...
  10. rocky505

    Pokemon Black Unevolved Run Team

    I recently started an unevolved run on my black version and I am loving it. I am wanting to know if I need a few modifications on my team before I get too far into the game. Oshawott Modest -Air Slash -Ice Beam -Hidden Power electric / Grass knot -Surf Fully special oriented. I bred...
  11. rocky505

    Pokemon Emerald Team Help

    Alright I have been playing Emerald for the heck of it lately and this here is my planned team so far. Blaziken Naughty -Flamethrower -Sky Uppercut -Thunderpunch -Rock Slide Gardevoir Rash -Psychic -Thunderbolt -Calm Mind -???(If only it was gen 4 then this would be shadow...
  12. rocky505

    Best Grass Type in BW

    Out of all the grass types revealed in 5th gen which do you think is the best ingame? Well I think it is either Sawsbuck or Whimsicott or Leavanny because the rest learn nothing at all but grass moves.
  13. rocky505

    Darkest Night Team

    Just so you guys know Darkest Night= Black. I always love starting new games on my Black version and this seems to be a great team and it has been great throughout the game so far. Simisear Timid -Fire Blast -Focus Blast -Hidden Power Electric -Grass Knot Yep I am not using a starter...
  14. rocky505

    Leaf Green Team 2.0

    Yeah I started Leaf Green over and I am stuck on deciding my last team member. Natures do not matter to me at all in this game. Charizard Lonely -Aerial Ace -Flamethrower -Metal Claw -Growl This is it's current moveset until I get better TMs. Earthquake will not be an option since I...
  15. rocky505

    Platinum Team Rate

    Okay I am about to take on the Elite Four and need to know what would be good movesets for my pokemon. Infernape Naive -Fire Punch -Thunderpunch -Close Combat -Shadow Claw Basically a physical sweeper. He currently has Fire Punch since he hasn't learned Flare Blitz yet. Shadow Claw is...
  16. rocky505

    Golden Team of Johto.

    Well I recently started over my HG and have been deciding on a team lately. Lonely(I don't feel like breeding for a better nature) -Seed Bomb -Body Slam/Return -Earthquake -Synthesis/Outrage/Swords dance Basically a physical attacker and having problems deciding on the final move...
  17. rocky505

    Ash being Replaced.

    Do you think the Pokemon series would have ended up better if Ash was replaced after the Orange Islands arc? They could still use the pikachu gimmick and could've given his replacement a Pika clone. Jimmy for Johto- Owns a Pichu or Marill Brendan and May for Hoenn- Own Plusle and Minun...
  18. rocky505

    Pokemon HeartGold Team

    About to start a new game on HG I need some help deciding my team. Feraligatr Adamant -Waterfall -Ice Fang(do't feel like breeding or getting BP) -EQ -Crunch Ampharos Modest -TBolt -Signal Beam -Power Gem -Focus Blast Nidoking Adamant -EQ -Megahorn -Rock Sldie -poison...
  19. rocky505

    Pokemon Leaf Green Team help

    I am going to buy me a Pokemon Leaf Green this weekend and I was looking for some advice for my planned team. Venasaur Mild -Razor Leaf/Giga Drain -Earthquake -Toxic -Leech Seed Fearow Jolly -Fly/Drill Peck -Return -Steel Wing -??? Slowbro Bold/Modest -Surf -Psychic -Ice...
  20. rocky505

    Pokemon Platinum Team

    I recently started playing Platinum again and I already have a team planned. Torterra@ Leftovers Adamant -Wood Hammer -Earthquake -Curse/Swords dance -Crunch/Stone edge Rapidash Jolly -Flare Blitz -Megahorn -bounce -Iron Tail Once tthis gets transfered to BW after I beat...