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    DS mechanic shenanigans!

    Hey hey- Any of you guys have a DS? Okay, now how many of you have a DS lite? Goodie. Now out of that, who has one with nonfunctional R and L buttons? Ah. I've run into this dastardly little problem for the past year- Where one or sometimes both will work, then just stop working altogether...
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    Back- Again!

    Yes. For the third time, I am going to return to the forums! Why the third?? ^_^;; Ahehehe...... major situations in life came up between family and school. I hardly had any time for much else for many months. (10, by my count.) I've finally got a stable grip on the Life situation...
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    Eevee-lution Doubles

    The newer team: April 23rd, 2009 ;136; Flareon (Inferuno) @ Wide Lens Ability: Flash Fire Docile Nature - Fire Blast - Sunny Day - Iron Tail - Helping Hand ;470; Leafeon (Tsuta) @ <?> Ability: Leaf Guard Naughty Nature - Leaf Blade - Synthesis - Aerial Ace - Helping Hand ;197; Umbreon...
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    Hey everybody! Little new to the community, so I thought it'd be a good idea to drop by and say 'Hi'. A little bit about me: 1. Ajiryn is pronounced: AH-jeer-in. (Not really a roll, but more like a flick on the 'R'. It should sound like a very short l, if anything.) 2. I'm a dude. Should...