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    My Houndoom

    Modest nature Flash Fire Dark Pulse Heat Wave Hidden power Grass Nasty Plot I couldnt get HP Fighting or Ground. Grass I think is still good because its super effective damage against Ground rock and water. So with that essentially Houndoom can cover all the elements that HP Fighting...
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    Favorite moves

    Personally, my favorite move sets are: Crunch- Dark - Really useful against the psychics. And I cant get Dark Pulse. Sheer Cold- Ice- Inaccurate but awesome OHKO move Heatwave- Powerful fire attack with no aftermath repercussions Surf- HM move that I still find useful during battle Energy...
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    My team I raised since the beginning

    The first 6 Pokemons I caught I raised them and beat Elite Four with em. Infernape- Flame Plate-Mild Flamethrower Blast Burn Cut Rocksmash Luxray- Zap Plate- Modest Thunder Hyper Beam Thunderbolt Strength Alakazam- Mind Plate- Quiet Psybeam Psychic Shadow Ball Psycho Cut...
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    Breeding question

    How do you get certain pokemon to be born knowing certain moves? Certain personality?
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    I didnt watch too much of Gen V anime, but why is there like, no pokemon of any sort from previous gen aside from Pikachu?