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    OU beast squad

    Hello everyone, I am back once again for a Team rate and I am hoping for some great feedback, this is my all-time favorite team which has so far done what I needed. I know there is room for improvement so I am hoping here it can happen, any and all help will be very much appreciated so thank you...
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    Elemental Tournament II

    ~Welcome once again to the Elemental Tournament 2, this tournament is a different kind of tournament but a fun one that i enjoyed so here it is again. ~The Tourney is fairly simple so long as you follow this basic format, you will select one Pokemon dual/mono type from the selection below to...
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    Boosting pokemon squad

    Hello everyone, I am back again with a new team I would like some help with , this team I have been using which has been doing very well for me is 21 and 5. I would like to keep all set pieces but if not then it is fine to switch and or remove some pokemon, I tend to have trouble when it comes...
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    Teen Wolf

    Here we talk about the show that has been on for a while And is an awesome show if you haven't seen it. Teen Wolf follows the now true Alpha Scott mcall so feel free to post anything About the show, characters, or anything teen wolf related.
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    Gen 6 Squad

    Hello everyone I am back again to get my team rated and hopefully upgraded for this new Gen of battling, this team is undefeated so far but the main problem it has is the lack of hazard removers as such since my ace cannot learn that move for some reason, but this team is great overall but I...
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    The Academy

    Welcome to THE ACADEMY where magic and knowledge collide! In The Academy knowledge is the key to unlocking ultimate powers of magic, working together with the fellow students can help achieve this amazing goal. You have been selected to join this prestigious academy and learn the ways of the...
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    Hurricane Rain

    Hi, I'm back with my last BW OU team, I made it because I like to have all weather type teams on my squad lol, this team I have had some luck with but we are easily taken out so I would appreciate any help on the team. Politoad @ Leftovers Ability: Drizzle Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Hp / 4 Def /...
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    Elemental Tournament

    *credit to AWILDMEW for this awesome tournament banner* INTRO: Welcome to the Elemental Tournament! This tournaments' goal to see which Pokemon type is the top of the line, your ability to overcome type advantages will be most useful in this particular tournament. Game play: This is a Pokemon...
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    Barrier world

    Hi, so the last time I posted on here I got really great feedback on my team but now I am back with a new team and this one I have a record of 12-4-2 so I could use some help, any kind of help would be very much appreciated. And now for my team line up. Birdman (Thundurus-Therian) @ Life Orb...
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    This movie was really great and i decided to have this here to see if others share in this awesome movie, yes it's a typically fake movie with fake graphics on the syfy channel but it did so good trending worldwide that it came out in theaters any thoughts about the movie? Or the sequel?
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    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Universal War (rated R) sign up

    Introduction In the year 3052, planet earth is no longer an all human planet; it shares its land with the non-humans in a peaceful harmony. Despite living in peace the earth has been destroyed by countless wars, devastation of resources and forces of nature unable to be stopped. Only the city...
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    ~ Ground Type Pokemon Club~

    ~Ground Type Pokemon Club~ WELCOME! tO THE Ground type Pokemon Club Those who love the ground type pokemon have gathered here, we gather here to prove to the world Ground Type pokemons are not to be underestimated, so rejoice one and all and have fun in the spectacular world of Ground Type...
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    Fire Theme Team

    Hello, I have used this team in a couple of matches so far on Pokemon Showdown; so far I have won 12 out of 24 matches. When I put this team together I at least thought I would win over 50 percent, I now realize I could use help to make it a lot better which is why I am here. I tried to go with...