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    A planned,future team for Black-RMT

    After a LONG time, another post on the forums, so I decided to put my current Black team on. I decided to "box" my Janobii, since levelling it became a holy terror. (1)Mebukijaka Wild Bolt Jump Kick Wood Horn Megahorn IMO, Mebukijaka is much, much better than Jaroda ingame. At first...
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    My Upcoming Soul Silver Team(EV trained)

    I am getting Soul Silver soon,thought I would get my team rated: PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM NOT RESETTING FOR GOOD NATURES,SO I AM NOT PROVIDING THAT. 1.Typhlosion 252 spl atk 252 spd 4 hp Eruption Swift Flamethrower ??? (suggest a good move no.4) My starter and good special sweeper...
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    This is athread for everyone who plays Age of Empires 3 online o even the campaign.Fel free to discuss different startegies with the different civilizations on this thread.
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    EV trained Emerald Team

    Here is an Emerald team I am also EV training in-game: 1.Swampert 252 Atk 252 HP 4 Def Brick Break Surf Ice Beam Earthquake My reliable starter.Mixed Sweeper. 2.Ludicolo 252 HP 252 Spl Atk 4 Spl Def Surf Giga Drain Toxic Leech Seed Obvious Synergy with Manectric.Has Rain...
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    Platinum In-Game Team

    An EV trained team(pretty good IV's too) for Platinum: 1.Infernape@Flame Plate 126 Atk 126 Spl Atk 252 Spd Flamethrower Close Combat Grass Knot Shadow Claw 2.Probopass@Leftovers 252 HP 126 Def 126 Spl Def Gravity Iron Defense Thunder/Power Gem Earth Power 3.Togekiss(hold item...
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    Swine Flu.

    The names says it all......just for discussion about swine flu.
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    Emerald was the game with the worst spritess.

    I think Many people will agree with me that Emerald was the game with the worst Pokemon sprites.As examples,look at Pidgeot,Charizard,Raticate,Crobat,Quagsire,Swampert,Blaziken and Vigoroth. If you compare them with their other sprites,you will find that they are horrible. Discuss.
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    Real world countries like South America in Pokemon.

    I don't know if any of you guys noticed the diary entries in Cinnabar mansion,but here is one: "New Pokemon found in the Guyana jungles of SOUTH AMERICA.We have decided to christen it Mew. Doen't this show that there are real-world countries like South America in the wrld of...
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    The Sims 2

    People,if you have played Sims 2,you can discuss about it here. Topics allowed: Your Hotel(the rooms,guests etc) How far you have come in the game(As for me,I have finished the game and have a 93% hotel rating) Special monthly items owned(Aracade system,Waterfall machine etc) Topics...
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    Mario and Luigi:Partners in Time

    This is for guys who have played the Mario and Luigi RPG(see title).Discuss bosses,how you beat the game etc... SHROOBS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
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    Is there life in outer space?

    Alien life has always been a topic of much debate among astronomers.I am of the belief that there IS life in space.Sooner or later,we ARE going to find SOLID evidence of Alien life.It is stupid that Earth is the only life-supporting planet in such a big universe. What do you think?
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    Favourite Music

    Which was your favourite music in the game? For me,it was the music which played when you Surfed on water/Evolved a Pokemon. Those tracks rocked!
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    Your E4 runthrough

    Since my last thread on catching Mewtwo was closed,I have started this new one.Share your E4 experiences here on this thread.Here is mine: THE TEAM: (All Lv. 62) Infernape-Flamethrower,Close Combat,Shadow Claw,Brick Break Floatzel-Crunch,Ice Fang,Surf,Waterfall...
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    Catching Mewtwo

    I have always wanted to know how you have all caught Mewtwo.. For me.......It took 40 Ultra Balls,3 Soft Resets and some luck to capture that beast. Here is how: 1.Got up to it(after I KO'D 50 of the high leveled Pokemon in that place) 2.Let off with Venusaur(Lv. 85) 3.Used Sleep...