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  1. Crash & Charm

    Presidential poll

    Hey, I am in a stat's class and need around 150 responses, I would appreciate if a few of you could fill this out. https://docs.google.com/a/buckeyeschools.info/forms/d/1VuiQ9bDtfEUK4RY_gb5k8JTcnsidIFT8v9HuUmp_U_g/edit#responses
  2. Crash & Charm

    Pokemon Conquest - Hero of Ransei (Discussion thread)

    Approved by Psychic Sign in Rp thread Green team Aurora (Normal): Percival Clagett [Mogar] Ignis (Fire): Rajika Thakur [pokemon special] Greenleaf (Grass): Takuma Kieran [Tangeh] Fontaine (Water): Shoyu Reinelds [RealMrGame10] Blue team Pugilis (Fighting): Violight (Electric): Holly Sjarndt...
  3. Crash & Charm

    Pokemon Conquest - Hero of Ransei

    Sign up (spots are still available): Discussion thread Welcome to the Ransei region, this far off continent is the site of constant unrest. It has times of peace, but they never last for long. Part of this is because of the legend surrounding the region. The strongest ruler to unite Ransei is...
  4. Crash & Charm

    Pokémon Conquest-Hero of Ransei [Sign ins]

    Pokémon Conquest-Hero of Ransei [Sign ins] Co-Gm Slipomatic Rp thread Discussion thread Welcome to the Ransei region, this far off continent is the site of constant unrest. It has times of peace, but they never last for long. Part of this is because of the legend surrounding the region...
  5. Crash & Charm

    Legends of the Spiris [Sign ins]

    (Credit to Astral Shadow) The Plot: Spiris are the forces of nature. Movement, Defense, Violence, Fire, Water, Pain, Freeze, Truth. There is a Spiris for practically anything. Gravity, Pull, Push, Change, Sharp even emotions like love and fear. The weaker Spiris are bound to the earth. Like...
  6. Crash & Charm

    Kingdra (Setup then Sweep)

    I decided to make a Kingdra OU team. It functions well but I need a bit of help. Ferrothorn @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Iron Barbs EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def Impish Nature - Leech Seed - Spikes - Stealth Rock - Power Whip My opener, Ferrothorn sets up Spike as well as functioning as a good...
  7. Crash & Charm

    King of the hill

    Basically, someone has the hill, and another player can do whatever they want to take it from them. Your post always must end with the words "My hill." It doesn't have to be realistic, as long as its fun. No hill hogging (coming up with an excuse as to why the last player didn't steal the hill...
  8. Crash & Charm

    Death of a world [sign-ups]

    Death of a world 12:01 October 15th 2014 It was cold. That was to be expected of course. They were in the arctic after all. A deep crater had opened up and a team of emergency response scientists had been assembled. One of the people leaned over the edge trying to get a better look at the...
  9. Crash & Charm

    Rock-Paper-Scissors *10

    This is rock paper scissors. You will post two items Then the next person will tell you who won and so on and so forth Rules 1-all sppf rules apply 2-appropriate please 3-have fun
  10. Crash & Charm

    Cat names?

    I am getting a black kitten she is super cute but I need suggestions on names can anyone help? Also if you have a cat feel free to tell us his/her name.
  11. Crash & Charm

    Are you playing as a boy or a girl. why?

    I am currently playing as a girl because it is more customizable than the male hero. All though I have played as both in X and Y the female is better.
  12. Crash & Charm

    The elemental league

    CLOSED Im closing down because no one likes my idea if anyone wants to take over just contact me otherwise goodbye This is a Pokémon league with just the elite 4 and a champion. Each member of the E4 will be using a mono type fire, water, flying or ground/rock. RULES ◦ Obey all SPPf rules...
  13. Crash & Charm

    The time traveling fairy (not a fairy type)

    I have finally gotten all of these to lv 100 and am wondering weather or not i should change any moves. Also I'm am wondering what Items I should give them (note charizard should have charzardite y but the others can have items.) ;251; @ Miracle seed Ability: Natural cure Nature: Jolly...
  14. Crash & Charm

    If you could have any two ability combos what would they be?

    Sturdy / sandstorm Awesome for endeavor lv one pokemon. Drought / flash fire Only my fire power will be boosted
  15. Crash & Charm

    Traditions to playing the game.

    I know I have some weird traditions to playing the game and I would love to here yours. 1) I always beat the game twice. The first time I play I use my first screen name Crash and play as the male Hero. The second time I play I use the female hero. This tradition started when I beat my...