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    Total Trickery - Part II (VGC)

    Okay, so after some criticism and comments from both Serebii users and friends, I’ve decided to play around with my Total Trickery Team. Mostly I’m making sure I can do everything I intended to have accomplished with this team, but changed around some members to better face off against certain...
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    VGC 2011 Team Idea - Total Trickery

    Hello! Those of you who remember me might know me for my Pokémon trade-giveaways years ago, but I doubt anybody knows me for competitive battling. Well, that’s because I’ve never given it too much thought! This year however I’ve decided to try this year’s VGC, and I thought that a Trick Room...
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    I'm Back!

    Wow, how long has it been since I've last been here? I'll laugh if anyone actually remembers me, as all I really did was give away starters from every region for anything people wanted to give me on Wi-fi. Anyway, I decided to come back now that I've learned: a) Pokemon Platinum is being...
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    Who wants to Trade?

    I really want a Lv. 1 or 5 Cyndaquil (Chikorita too but I don't care about that as much) Things I could trade for it: Lv. 83 Blastoise Relaxed Nature (likes sour food, but has ok beauty and cool stats) Attacks: Hydro Cannon, Surf, Skull Bash and Hydro Pump Lv. 1 Phione Attacks: Bubble...