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    The Circus Is In Town: The Republican Presidential Nomination 2012

    I decided to make a thread about the Republican nomination in America that is coming up next year. I know there is a Donald Trump thread, but I decided to create a thread for the general issue and all candidates. So, the issue on hand: who do you think will be the one to face Obama? Can anyone...
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    Vampires Suck

    As many of you know, the Twilight series has garnered a lot of criticism and a lot of fans. Sometimes I think the anti-Twilight feelings outnumber the fangirl love for the series. XD Well, finally someone has made a movie that completely makes fun of the whole series. It's called Vampire Sucks...
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    The 2010 Congressional Elections

    It is that time again - election season! 36 Senate seats and all 435 House seats are up for election on November 2nd; 37 states will also elect governors. Many are saying that this will an extremely heated election session, as our country seems to keep on spiraling in a downward direction. The...
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    Caylee Anthony's remains were found.

    Caylee Anthony's remains found As I'm sure most of you have heard on the news, the remains of a two year old girl 15 houses away from George and Cindy Anthony's house. The remains have been tentatively confirmed as Caylee's. This case has been on the news non stop for the past six months...
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    Two young girls shot dead

    http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/06/10/national/main4168258.shtml So there you go. Two girls shot for no apparent reason, and left on the road. Just...wtf. This world sucks.
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    Austrian Girl Tortured and Raped for 24 Years

    Austrian Girl and her Incest Derived Children Tortured and Raped for 24 Years This. Is what is ****ing wrong with the world today. A lunatic father locked his daughter in a dungeon under his house since the age of 18, being molested since 11. 24 years later, she's finally set free. When one...
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    Cellphones are better than Jesus

    Meh, I'd thought I'd share this story. So, I was watching Nancy Grace this evening, and she was telling a story about a recent event. You see, a family's daughter, her boyfriend, and a friend, decided to kill the girl's family. Why? Because they took away her ****ing cell phone and encouraged...
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    Rate my second team!

    Ok, so here's my second OU team. (I have four teams. Ingame, Uber, OU 1, and this - OU 2.) PorygonZ @ Life Orb (shiny!) Modest 6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed Adaptability - Nasty Plot - Dark Pulse - Tri Attack - Ice Beam Electivire @ Expert Belt (F) Adamant 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP...
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    Cloning methods - what's the difference?

    I've come across people saying cloning with the AR is "not legit." But is there a "legit" way to clone? No. Cloning via GTS is cheating too, so what makes the AR any worse? Is it the bias of the cheating device? And before any pro-cloners get on my neck, I'M a pro cloner as well. I'm simply...
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    Rate My Ingame Team

    Empoleon @ Leftovers Torrent Modest EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Special Attack, 6 HP - Surf - Ice Beam - Earthquake - Drill Peck Roserade @ Choice Specs Natural Cure Timid EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 6 HP - Leaf Storm - Sludge Bomb - Extrasensory - Weather Ball Gallade @...
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    RMT - The Quest Has Been Met

    Ok, so after my first two, people helped me out, and after a LOT of rebreeding, here is my new and improved team: Blissey @ Leftovers Natural Cure EVs: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 6 Special Defense Bold - Seismic Toss - Aromatherapy - Thunderwave - Softboiled Skarmory @ Leftovers Sturdy...
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    RMT - Updated!

    Ok, so I decided to revamp my team quite a bit. Changes are in bold. Heracross @ Choice Scarf (Female) Guts 6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed Naughty -Megahorn -Close Combat -Stone Edge -Pursuit Blissey @ Leftovers (Female) Natural Cure 252 HP/252 Defense/6 Special Defense Bold -Seismic...
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    RMT of completely OU Pokemon

    Ok, well here it is. I still need to level them up and other little things, but it's basically done. I'm open to suggestions! Garchomp @ Life Orb Sand Veil EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP Adamant -Earthquake -Swords Dance -Fire Fang -Dragon Claw Milotic @ nothing Marvel Scale...