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    Who will Ash's final party member be?

    So with the latest episode that aired in Japan, we know that Ash now has a Goomy. It occurred to me today that up until Kalos, Ash has, without fail, always caught the Grass type starter and therefore has never caught a Grass tupe Pokémon that wasn't his starter, (Other than Leavanny which is...
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    Aspects of yourself you dislike

    So as the title says, what are some things about your personality or looks, etc that you dislike or wish you could change? For me, I dislike that I have a tendency to say, (or type), things that offend other people because they're rude or annoying or uncalled for. The worst part is is that I...
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    Favorite Pokemon Youtubers?

    Do you guys have any? I like Marriland.
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    The Boston Race Bombing

    What are your thoughts about it? Honestly, the only thing I can do is hope they catch the sicko who did it.
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    Will Ash get the other new badges and the badge against Drayden?

    In the show, Ash has won his 8th badge against the new poison gym leader. This makes things complicated because now there are two other new gyms and there's the Opelucid gym. So will Ash collect 11 badges or just not battle them?
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    Should Pokemon Adventures Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald, FR, and LG be sold in America?

    I'd like to read them finally. But they stopped releasing them after the last chapter of Gold, Silver, and Crystal. What do you guys think?
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    WHat tv shows, books, video games, etc. would you like to see as a movie?

    If they were done right, I'd like to see a live action pokemon or legend of zelda movie. (Or a decent percy jackson movie)
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    It's a pain in the butt isn't it?
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    If you could pick one pokemon to be your partner what would it be?

    If you could have one pokemon your entire life and they'll always be with you and be your friend, which would you pick? Other than legandaries. I'd pick Cyndaquil.
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    Which game should I get for my Nintendo 3DS first?

    I've been trying to decide which of these games I should get first, but I can't decide. WHat do you guys think? 1) Starfox 64 3D 2) Sims 3 3) Super Street Fighter 4
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    Can someone tell me how to get or read the 3rd generation manga books?

    Borders closed, which stinks, and now it seems like the plans they made to make the Hoenn chapters are canceled. All the other book stores aren't selling them either. Can someone tell me where I can get them, read them, or if they'll make them in America?
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    Eastern Unova

    What do you think they'll do with Eastern Unova in the show? Maybe they have to go to the transfer machine or whatever cuz Ash needs his old pokemon for the league.
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    How long do you think Meowth will stay with Ash?

    He's going to go back to Team Rocket eventually, but how long do you guys think he'll stay around?
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    Ancient Aliens

    What do you think about them? I think it's weird. It makes no sense at all. Anyone here believe in it?
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    Liberal or Conservative?

    It doesn't look like this one came up before so I'm asking. I'm Conservative. Please let's just say if we are or not and not fight.
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    What do you think about the Noah's Ark theme park being built in Kansas?

    Basically this place wants to make a museum/theme park off of biblical stuff and are going to build a copy of Noah's Ark based off of measurements in The Bible. They hope to bring in money for the economy and jobs. Some Atheists think it shouldn't be built. I think it sounds cool whether you're...
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    Debate Community Self-Critique!

    I don't care what side of any argument you're on. Fighting is just pointless.
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    Pokemon in 20 years

    What do you think games, the tv show, and anything else about pokemon will look like in 20 years? Imagine a worldwide system of pokemon holograms so you can go out and catch holograms of pokemon that you can touch and feel and that have real emotion. If they attack you though, nothing happens...
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    The War of Dimensions. (Pokemon and Yugioh fanfiction)

    Hi guys. This is my first attempt at a fan fiction so any advice you want to give me would be nice. If you just want to say it stinks or something, don’t post please. Prologue Long ago, before even great lands like Egypt had begun to start, there was one world, one universe, one dimension...
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    Voice actors you wish could work on the show?

    I wish Ash's original voice came back. Also, I wish Dan Green did more.