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    Originality owns!!!

    Well I decided to make a rain team for the OU tier and you will also notice I have no 5 gen Pokemon because I DO NOT NEED ANY CONKELDURRS,FERROTHORNS OR HYDREIGONS TO WIN.Well here it is and rate. CAMELTOE(politoed) item:leftovers nature:Bold Ability: Drizzle Evs:252 hp,252 def,4...
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    my awesome Sand team

    Well this is my first sand team for the ou tier Enjoy and Rate!!!!!!!!!!! item:light clay,nature:timid evs:252 speed,252hp,4def Ability:magic bounce -hidden power(fire) -Wish -Light screen -Reflect I got this suggestion from Jets and it awesome it has puts dual screens and heals...
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    MY 1st RMT

    well i am kinda failing to win matches so ima do my first rmt i play ou tier GENGAR item black sludge Ability: levitate EVs:4 hp,252sp attk,252 speed Nature: timid -substitute - focus blast - disable - shadow ball well gengar is made for annoyance its really good set and used against bulky...