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  1. gofishyfish

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Memories

    Hey everyone, I'm gofishyfish! You all might not recognize me, but I've posted on here a few times before. I started writing another fic (titled Pure of Heart) that I intend to return to, but I honestly got really excited about this idea and put Pure of Heart on hold. Eventually, I will return...
  2. gofishyfish

    But... [One-Shot]

    Hey everyone! Long time, no post. Writers block + busy life = no stories :( Also, I feel like everyone here has amazing works, and I'm just not up to par with everyone else's writing skills yet. I'm still working on improving. So, hopefully, I'll eventually come back here with an amazing new set...
  3. gofishyfish


    Hey everyone! I was hoping there were some other people on here that are RWBY (and also Rooster Teeth) fans. I've been following their videos for some time now (since right before the start of volume 1 of RWBY, actually). I was thinking that I could start a thread for RWBY since, well, there's a...
  4. gofishyfish

    Pure of Heart

    Hey everyone! Here's to my first story on this site, woooooo! Let me explain something to you really quick about this fic before we get started. It's in the spoiler below if you want to read it. It will start out PG then get to some parts where it's PG-13. Here's a quick blurb too with a...
  5. gofishyfish


    Hey there, I'm gofishyfish. Long time Pokemon fan, and long time Serebii user too (thanks a bunch btw, your site has saved my butt a ton of times while playing through the games). I had noticed the forums before, poked around in here a few times, then didn't join. Didn't really see much...