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    Dear Mr. Serebii.

    >Haven't been to Serebii in a week due to SerebiiJoe making sure he gets EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of Black and White on the site. >Tuesday: Black & White Coverage Day 50 + PokéPark Passwords Complete >Black & White Coverage Day 50 >Coverage Day 50 >Day 50 >mfw Alright. I get it. Black and...
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    PS2 Saving Help

    Sup. I'll keep it short, I got a Playstation 1 game in the post and it won't make a save file, unlike my Playstation 2 games. Some assistence please.
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    PETA accuses Obama of "Fly Murder"

    Original Source Discuss.
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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii Discussion

    Hm. Wonder why there isn't a thread yet. This Christmas as we all know New Super Mario Brothers will be getting a sequal for the Wii. It will support up to four players in an all new co-op mode with Toad finally making a platforming come back and the Koopalings in their first appearance...
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Discussion

    ... Ok, maybe I was wrong when I said to my friends "Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a load of bull and isn't possible". Yesterday Nintendo gave out a trailer for the sequal to the hit game. You can see the trailer here as well as the other two biggies...
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    I don't follow the crowd, yet do one of these anyway.

    Hey, I'm new. Not that it's obvious. Rules read. Yeah not the best way to indroduce myself. Yeah, Hello world.