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    So many Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire fakes on Ebay HELP!

    I really want to get Pokemon Sapphire and all I can find are 'fake' copies of the game. The ones that are legit usually comes with the box but is very expensive. My local EB Games don't have old traded in GBA games anymore and Gametraders puts on a huge mark-up. $50 for a used Sapphire unboxed...
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    Pokemon Best Wishes Anime quite short?

    Since the anime is somewhat concluding (as they are showing the league now) What do you think will happen untill 6th Gen appear? Another anime filler season like Orange Islands?
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    Zelda Twilight Princess Gamecube Version - Audio Distortion

    Okay after 6 or so years I decided to play Zelda Twilight Princess on the Gamecube again. Everything was going well except in some parts I have noticed the Audio Distorts which sounds like a compressed Audio file...so bad? Like when an enemy appears or in Hyrule field and especially when during...
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    Pokemon BW Rival Destinies AUSTRALIA

    Hey Guys I went to the toasted TV Website to check out when Pokemon BW Rival Destinies premiers, but no date info. Only time. http://eleven.com.au/toasted-tv-cartoons.htm
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    Pocket Monsters Fansubs ^-^

    Please don't flame me I was wondering if anyone can help these people at http://po.zdebel.com/ to help sub the original pokemon episodes. They seem to need help . They didn't ask me, but I felt if I spread the word on the situation, then we can have the orginal pokemon episodes in Japanese...
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    Season 3 / Johto Air date (Australia)

    Does anyone know the original air date when cheez TV aired the start of season 3 / Johto Journeys in Australia? thanks
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    G/S Plot?

    What was the actual plot/quest of G/S, besides the new pokemon and features. Was the plot different to R/B Sorry its a stupid question, but I cannnot not remember the actualt plot of the games LOL Thanks ;222;
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    Pokemon Green???

    I still don't understand how the JAP Green Version is the same as the US Blue Version? Someone please explain =P Thanks
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    Licensed Manga =D

    What manga series would you like see get licensed? Personally it would be sweet if DaaDaaDaa Ufo Baby, and Goldfish Warning got Picked-up =P
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    VIZ Manga

    Why does VIZ flip the Inuyasha manga? Are there any plans for VIZ to unflip the Inuyasha manga, in the near furture? (NO BASHING OR FLAMING!) ;194;
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    I was wondering if *SUBBING GROUP NAME REMOVED* subbed all the episodes of Inuyasha (No Bashing) Thankies =);078;
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    pokemon 1st movie 16x9

    Will the 1st pokemon movie ever ber released in 16x9 format. I got the pokemon 2000 movie in widescreen, so do you reckon that will happen eventaully ;392; thankies
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    Pokemon Anime style

    Do you guys rekon that the pokemon anime has changed from Pokemon Advanced? I mean the anime looks 'square-ish' even the advance pokemon movies animation style has change too. I reckon it went downhill. Do you know what I mean?
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    When is Funimation going to finish dubbing Tsubasa chronicles? ;222;
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    Inuyasha Season 4

    I went on the VIZ website and I can't find any info on Inuyasha season 4 DVD box set...Does any one know when it will come out or is it cancelled? I reckon the box set should at least come now or very very soon, seems late to me =( Thanx ;078;
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    DN Angel

    I heard on a website that DN Angel gets WAY Better in the second half of the series. What episodes are the second half of the series? Thanks ;222;
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    ViZ's Pokemon Special

    If the 'Best of red' is successful, will VIZ Re-Release the manga in every Volume and in the "reading Backwards" unedited way? Thanks ;222;
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    Adventure/fantasy manga

    I there any manga on the lines of CCS, inuyasha, Tsuabsa, Tokyo mew mew stuff like this? I'm Interested in Adventure, quest type stuff LOL! So yeah any recommendations? Thankies ;222; P.S Does anyone know if VIZ will release or re-release the inuyasha manga unflipped in the future? Thankls...
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    D/P exclusives

    What are the D/P exclusive pokemon? for each version
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    Images of 4th gen pokemon

    Does anyone know where I can look at all the pictures of the 4th Gen pokemon? Also if possible, can I see which pokemon are in D/P seperatly? Thanx =)