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    The Shining Scolipede Trade Shop

    IMPORTANT NOTE!: I Am Closing The Shop For A While Since I Am Leaving Serebii For a While. All Trades Are Cancelled For Now! Sorry! ^Thank You for the Banner PKMRookie!^ The Shining Scolipede Trade Shop Turtlestarf's Part of the Shop (Trading):OPEN! YAY! Rules: 1. SPPf Rules Apply. 2. No...
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    The Everything N Fan Club!

    Welcome to the Everything N Fan Club! Hello there and welcome to the club! In this club, we talk about anything that has to do with the leader of Team Plasma, N Harmonia! You can talk about his clothes, his Pokémon, any shippings about him, and more! As long as it has to do with N, you can...
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    Pansage, Pansear, or Panpour?

    We all know about the elemental monkeys. Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. They are like starter Pokémon due to their types and that they are a trio. These Pokémon are based off of the three wise monkeys. Speak No Evil (Pansage), Hear No Evil (Pansear), and See No Evil (Panpour). Which one is...
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    Favorite Pokémon From Each Region

    Favorite Pokémon From Each Region Now, I think there's another thread for this so this might get closed, but here it goes. We all of a favorite Pokémon from each region. And I want to know yours. All you have to do is this: (This is my real entry) Kanto - Marowak & MAGIKARP!!!!! Johto -...
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    Ideas Anyone?

    So, I've had writer's block lately and I need some help. I have 2 Fan Fictions called "Victini's Rampage" and "Hunting for Hydreigon". Before you read any further, read them, because unless you've read them, you can't really help me. Anyway, if you have any ideas for the next chapter, help...
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    Pokémon GAME Crush

    Pokémon GAME Crush So, I read the anime crush thread earlier. I thought it would be cool to make a crush thread to, but on in-game charcters. Now, just post it like this: Crush in Bold and Underlined-Game in Italics and Underlined Example: (This is my real entry) Summer & Leaf - Pokémon...
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    ThunderCats Premier

    WARNING: SPOILER ALERT I just watched the ThunderCats Premier episode. I loved it and I'm looking forward to future episodes. On my list of best Animé it's number 2, next to Pokémon of course. I really liked how the lizard that Lion-O freed gave him a key to his jail cell in his supper. My top...
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    Hunting for Hydreigon

    Rated G, so far. Also if you want to find out when the next chapter is out just ask and I'll put you on the PM list and I'll PM you when the next chapter is out. PM List: kyogreblue3 Luann zoruaruler Drayden destroyer39 Hello, I am now writing this Fan Fiction along with my other, Victini's...
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    The Hunt for Hydreigon

    All of his life, Ethan has wanted to catch a Hydreigon. Now when a wild Hydreigon in hypnotized by team Plasma, Ethan must catch and de-hypnotize this dangerous Pokémon. With the help of his friends, Myles and Bel, can he do it? Find out when I type up this story tomorrow! Sorry for not...
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    Shadow Lugia

    So, I've heard many people say that we should be able to obtain Shadow Lugia in-game and in Pokémon TCG. They also say Shadow Lugia should appear in the TV show and movie, even in the manga. Personally, I think Shadow Lugia should be an alternate form of Lugia by obtaining a special item. I...
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    Turtlestarf Art Contest Info

    This has been approved bye Skiyomi! So, here are the top 3 finalists! Just so you know, I only had four entries... Leave a comment saying who's art is your favorite UNTILL AUGUST 31, 7:00PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME!!! by pink skitty by kyogreblue3 by jonman721 1st- Liberty Pass Victini lvl...
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    Best Legendary Theme

    So, we all know that every time we battle a Legendary Pokémon, they have their own theme music (with some exceptions). Which Legend from each Generation has the best theme music and then which Legend do you think has the best theme music over all? Ex: Gen 1- Legendary Birds Gen 2-Legendary...
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    Victini's Rampage

    Rated G Also if you want to find out when the next chapter is out just ask and I'll put you on the PM list and I'll PM you when the next chapter is out. PM List: kyogreblue3 Luann arceusvictini Drayden destroyer39 EDIT: Chapter 3 and so on will be added as posts and I will post the...
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    Which Race is Better in Starcraft 2

    So, if any of you people out there play Starcraft, you probably have a favorite Race. Personally mine is Zerg, I don't even know why. Here are the Options: Terran Zerg Protoss So tell me, who's your favorite Starcraft 2 race and why?
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    Turtlestarf's Drawing Contest Info

    Hey people, I decided to have drawing contest! Just do your best drawing, and PM it to me before August 12. I will pick the best 3 to be in the Main thread where the people of serebii will pick the best, if there is a tiebreaker, the winner will be the one I like the best. So here's the...
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    Ash's Best Rival!

    Well I made two polls about Ash's best Male and Female Companions so I decided to make one about Ash' best Rival. So here are the Choices: Gary Oak Ritchie Paul Barry Trip Sorry I couldn't think of a good rival from Hoenn. My favorite is Barry because of his funny and crazy...
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    Misty, May, Dawn, or Iris?

    Hey guys and girls, in my last thread I asked, Brock or Cilan, so I said why not have a debate between Ash's female companions. So here are the choices, Misty May Dawn Iris I like Iris the best. I love her adventurous personality and how she always refers to Ash as a kid, but still...
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    Brock or Cilan?

    I was very upset that Cilan replaced brock, and I prefer Brock over Cilan. I have to admit though, Cilan is starting to grow on me. I just don't think Cilan has that funny yet serious personality that Brock had. Change of Heart: CILAN ROCKS!!! So, who do you prefer, Brock or Cilan? EDIT:I'm...
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    Can you Rate my PKMN Black Team?

    Samurott-Bold -Surf -Hydro Pump -Swords Dance -Aqua Tail Scrafty-Gentle -Hi Jump Kick -Facade -Crunch -Brick Break Swoobat-Calm -Air Slash -Psychic -Fly -Assurance Simisear-Mild -Crunch -Acrobatics -Flame Burst -Fire Blast Emolga-Lax -Electro Ball -Volt Switch...
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    Luigi or Tails?

    Now a common debate is who is better Mario or Sonic. Well I have created a new popular video game character debate. Luigi vs. Tails. Luigi is Mario's little brother and often sidekick rather than partner. He can jump higher than mario but is always so neglected (except by me). Tails is...