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    Where Johto went wrong

    No one is a bigger fan of the Original Series than me, and that includes Kanto, Orange Islands, and all of Johto. However, Johto is widely considered a flawed saga. Now, I LOVE Johto, every season of it. My nostalgic mind still considers it better than any saga that followed it. However, it...
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    Latias or Bianca?

    So, it's a been a while since I've posted but... Yesterday I watched Pokemon Heroes for the first time in a while. At the end, Bianca/Latias kisses Ash, a confusing event that even bewilders Misty who questions to ask whether it was Bianca or Latias. Now, I know it doesn't really matter or...
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    Which Pokemon got the worst treatment by the writers?

    Over the years, especially in the Original Series, some Pokemon owned by the main characters were treated quite poorly. By that, I mean that the writers just gave them little screen time, little character development, and/or little success. So, which Pokemon owned by any of the main...
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    What is the best thing about Pokemon?

    I wanted to do something special for my 2000th post, so here it goes. I think everyone on the forum can agree that they loved the Pokemon Anime at some point. Maybe you watched since the beginning. Maybe you just started watching. Maybe you've stuck with it through all these years. But my...
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    Are the games too easy? (Multiple Difficulty Options?)

    Sometimes I just steam roll right through the Pokemon games, beating them in a few days with rarely any problems. I know children might find it difficult, but it actually becomes annoying how easy it is as an advanced, experienced player. I sometimes have to add in my own challenges, like not...
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    Stock Characters

    As I continued my Anime journey of watching the entire original series, I noticed an odd little thing in "The Kecleon Caper!" The gentlemen who had his first aid kit stolen by the Kecleon was actually the same man from nearly 200 episodes ago in "Hypno's Naptime!" He even had speaking lines and...
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    The Anime Discussion Awards! (VOTE NOW!!)

    The 2011 ANIME DISCUSSION AWARDS (Voting CLOSED! Results coming!) (APPROVED by Sushi and Encyclopika) Hello, Anime Discussion Forum! My name is munchlaxboy. I’ve been a member on this forum for over 6 years now. The time has really flied by. Much like Ash, I started my Pokemon journey at...
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    Pokemon Spin-Off?

    Usually when I make a thread it's a somewhat serious and informative topic, but I thought I'd have fun with this one. If you were to give one character from Pokemon a spin-off, who would it be? And what would it be like? It doesn't have to be something the writers would ever even think of...
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    Ash's Past Teams and Evolutions

    Part of what makes Pokemon so interesting is the appearance and personalities of the Pokemon themselves. Some like how cute the unevolved Pokemon look, yet some enjoy seeing the toughness of evolved powerhouse Pokemon. Also, if you didn't know already, the Pokemon Anime is basically one big...
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    The Ultimate Crossover Fighting Game (and Character Roster)?

    With all the hype and success of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I was just thinking... What if there was a video game that starred characters from all video games AND/OR all types of media? Yes, we've had Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but that only involves Nintendo characters, one Sega character, and one...
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    Animation: The Laziness and the Progression over the Years

    (In a rush? Skip down to the bolded section for what you should be responding to.) For being such an avid poster in this forum, I'm surprised I've never once made a thread in "Anime Discussion". Huh. Well, basically, I made this thread to talk about the show's ANIMATION. You know, just the...
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    HP UP Won't Work?

    (This happened in Pokemon Diamond) I've just started EV training by Rhyhorn. It has an Adamant nature. I'm looking to train it and give it 252 Attack EVs, 252 HP EVs, and 4 Defence EVS. I first gave it 10 Proteins to give it 100 Attack EVs. Then, I began to give it HP UpPs. I planned to...
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    Brendan Reviews: The Comic

    I've always been a fan of web comics. I've had some great ideas, but none of them ever lasted long. However, I believe this idea will really work. Basically, the comic is about Brendan, the main boy character from Pokemon Ruby, reviewing video games. Sounds kinda stupid, but it's actually...
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    Nintendo Daily

    I love Nintendo. In fact, I own nearly every Nintendo system (I don't have the NES, original Gameboy, or Micro). So, I made a Nintendo news site. Every day something new happens at Nintendo, so every day I update the site. The site features daily news updates, previews and summaries of upcoming...
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    The First Poster Wins!...(or maybe not)

    Alright, here's my first thread in the Games section, so here it goes. (Please read the rules of this thread before posting) The very first person to post after me will be considered the winner. They can post "I win!" or "I'm the champ!" or whatever. However, the person who posts after them...
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    Joey's Quest

    Hello all. I've been on Serebii for some time now, and I've always admired the comics. I tried and tried, but never could get it. Finally, a person came up with the perfect guide, and I became much better. Thank you to all comic makers who have inspired me. Now, finally, I have a comic of my own...
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    Know the Future or Wait?

    For the Pokemon Anime, do you like knowing about new episodes coming to U.S. because they have aired in Japan. OR do you like waiting until the episode airs in the U.S. and learning what happens. I like to wait what happens. I get really mad when someone says out of nowhere the episode that...
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    You are the master of.... what?

    People are very expertise on some Pokemon Games. If you were to be asked a million questions on just one Pokemon game, which one would it be? For me, it would be Gold Version because I have restarted and played it a ton of times. What Pokemon game are you a "master" of?
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    Rate me Emerald team

    Can someone please rate my Emerald team? I had this team once as a 3 Sableye, 3 Aron team, but I improved it ALOT! (possibly) Oh, and I'm just saying I only have six badges as of now. Sableye lvl 34 No Item Keen Eye Detect Shock Wave Metronome Night Shade Lairon lvl 34 Hard Stone...
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    Pokemon that are never spoken of?

    Ok, I don't this is like the UU which ones are never used to battle and stuff. This thread is about Pokemon hardly anyone will ever talk about? So, what Pokemon do you think people never talk about or even think of? I personally say Quilfish. I mean really! To catch it, there needs to be an...