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    RIP Thundurus?

    Ok, so this was the first successful team I have ever used. I don't really have any rankings, but this team peaked at 1467 on PBC on PO. (People on PBC kinda suck). Anyway, this team started off as Thundurus, Ferrothorn, Blaziken, Garchomp, Umbreon and Starmie, with only ONE member staying the...
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    COD or Battlefield?

    Well, for anyone who follows the First Person Shooter news, BF3 and MW3 are coming out soon and are both looked to be good. What do you think about the rivalry and which game are you getting? DISCUSS
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    Conkeldurr vs. Machamp

    Well, this is another X vs. Y thread, and I think these are similar enough. (*cough cough BH*) So yea, which Pokemon do you think is better? Personally I like both, but Conkeldurr is good with his Flame Orb Guts combo, or Sp. Defensive Bulk up. Machamp with No Guard has a niche also, and has...
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    Jirachi Lead: OU

    Hey Everyone, this is my Second Team that I have put up for review here. It is a team that focuses on Hax to bring in Pokemon that can demolish. Here we go. Jirachi @Leftovers Serene Grace Careful (+Special Defense -Special Attack) 252 HP 252 Sp. D 4 Attack Stealth Rock Iron Head Thunder Wave...
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    My First Pokemon Competitive Team

    Thundurus @Focus Sash Ability: Prankster EV's: 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 HP Nature: Timid (+Speed -Attack) -Discharge -Taunt -U-Turn -HP Ice I usually use this set to cripple Pokemon like Whimsicott who Sub-Seed. I have HP Ice for the occasional Scarfed-Dragon Lead, U-Turn to scout and...