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  1. Arsène

    Suddenly, Pokécheck appeared...

    Suddenly, Pokécheck appeared... *Not sure if discussing this site is allowed here* I'm sure many of you may have noticed the sudden influx of users from not just this forum, but almost everywhere Pokémon related taking advantage of this website. What it basically does is rely on the usual...
  2. Arsène

    The Devolution of the internet.

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section of Miscellaneous. Feel free to move this thread if it isn't. The title of this thread might also be somewhat misleading, I suppose. I'm the kind of person who does more communication over the internet compared to real life. This is mostly due to...
  3. Arsène

    Your favorite and least favorite internet emoticons.

    Which of the various internet emotes do you adore or absolutely detest? How frequently do you use, if any? I, for one, rarely use them these days. (Outside life tends to do that) I'll start then. (Ignore the automatic forum emotions) Least favorite for me: :) - I can't stand this; I just...