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    CA's Eeveelution Lair

    Hey peeps, I've been trying to sprite some fake eeveelutions lately. So far I have this guy, he's my second scratch sprite I've ever done: I referenced heavily from the other eeveelutions, but it is still 100% scratch. I wish to get it up to a standard that it would not look out of place...
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    Gross couples.

    You know the kind. They're always on facebook posting things like "OMGZ I LUV BEHBEH <3 U R MY EVERYTHIN NOW" and they always mack and be inappropriate in public, and generally make everyone in a 3 mile radius feel gross. And then after a week they break up, go all emo, find someone else and...
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    Gallade or Bisharp?

    Which of the swordsmen do you like better, and why? I prefer Bisharp, because it looks cooler and I prefer its typing. I don't like Fighting or Psychic types much, but I love Steel and Dark types.
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    Reshiram or Zekrom?

    Simple enough. Who do you like better and why? I made this thread because I noticed that around the internet Zekrom seems more popular than Reshiram by a long shot. Personally, I like Reshiram better, because he appear to have fur. I tend to like mammalian dragons more than reptilian...
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    The Azure Flute - what was the point?

    So as you all know, the Azure flute was an item used to open the Hall of Origins, where you could obtain Arceus in DPPt. Yet it was never released. We did get those event Arceuses (Arcei?), but never an Azure flute event. With Black and White upon us, it looks like we never will. So...
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    *~A.r.c.a.n.e.D.e.l.i.g.h.t.s.~* An icon shop with a twist.

    Hey there guys, I decided to make an icon shop. I suppose I could do semi decent banners, so if you want one of those, just ask, and I'll try. So the twist here is this: Instead of just a plain old boring icon, you get a special "arcane rune" in the design of your avvie. Choose one from the...
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    The Arceus Delusion

    Ok, first of all, this comic is not supposed to be a magical work of art. I'm no artist at all. It's just supposed to be stupid little jokes and stuff. Before everyone screams "NO BACKGROUND IT OFFICIALLY SUCKS", keep in mind I am not going for a well drawn comic. So please comment on the actual...
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    ZOMG! Someone was mean to me on the interwebz D,:

    No, this isn't a topic about me whining about someone being mean to me on the internet. So don't panic and close it, mods. My question is this: When someone is a douche to you on the internet, how do you take it? Are you one of those sensitive types? Or do you just laugh it off and ignore...
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    The Glee Club

    *~THE GLEE CLUB~* :O I am actually so suprised that nobody has made this yet! I have seen Glee fans all over SPPF, yet nobody has made a club. Oh well, here's something to fix that! RULES: 1. All SPPF and Club Rules apply. 2. No hateful comments will be tolerated. This means towards...
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    Staying together "for the kids".

    This tends to be an issue of which people have very diverse opinions. Bascially, what I mean by this is say a married couple with children no longer love one another. They've been through counselling and all that; their spark is just dead. Should they "stay together for the kids", or...
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    Shiny Unown Dex Project

    The Shiny Unown Dex Project! **To the mods: To me this sounds like a club. If I am wrong (I’ve only been here for a year after all) please let me know where this needs to go in the club Approval/Disapproval thread. Thanks!** So, um, hi. :P I’m Corroded Arceus (You can refer to me as CA...
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    If this is not the place for such a thread, can a mod please move it to the polls? Thanks. Basically, what kind of things do you collect, if any, and why? Do you know of anyone who collects strange things? Me, I collect Arceus related merchandise. I have a few chao gets of it, in ghost...
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    Biggest Pokemon fandom dummyspits.

    Like most fandoms, the Pokemon fandom is prone to mass fan outrage when things don't go their way. What do you think is the biggest outrage in pokemon fandom history. I've only been a part of this fandom a while, but the ice-cream hate is pretty epic.... Discuss.
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    Scary and strange encounters in public

    Have you ever been genuinely afraid for your safety when out and about, from either someone acting aggressivley or simply behaving oddly? Or, have you had anyone come up to you and say something strange? Seen someone do something strange in public? Post it here. I have had many such...
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    Help with a project I'm undertaking.

    Hopefully this isn't a bad topic. If it is, I apoligise, and mods can close it. What I'm doing is a little report about shiny pokemon and the culture of shiny hunting (just for fun), and without outside assistance, it would be biased. So I'm asking for some help in the matter. The first...
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    Possibly the first Zoroark pixel over in the world (+ possible future sprites)

    Yepp, here it is. My Zoroark Pixel-over. I am very happy with how this one turned out. And before you ask: yes, I chose not to use highlights. I think that they look tacky on some art, and my pixel overs are a good example. I will be adding more in the future, perhaps.
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    Epic pixel over

    Srsly guys, this is a big deal. It took me 9 hours, and I'm still not happy with it. It's clearly a pixel over of the scene at the start of the 11th movie with all the eeveelutions. I think Leafeon and Jolteon look a bit funny but I can't seem to be able to fix them. Any suggestions...
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    CA's Icon Thingies

    Well, this is my shot at making fake icons. They are completely scratch, although I did mimic the Umbreon Icon a fair bit. I hope they're good; if not, please tell me how I can improve. Also, I'm having heaps of trouble with the winged one, so can someone help me? If you want to know, they...
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    School/Work Internet Filters.

    Don't you just hate 'em? At my school we have a fairly strict filter, being a Catholic school and all. They block websites on the grounds that they share opinions. Also, this is an actual quote from my Photography class. "Those are mushrooms, not nudity!" So, do you have an internet...
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    Pokemon that remind you of people you know

    Yeah, do as the title says. My friend and I assign a pokemon to everyone we meet. We know a Blastoise, an Articuno, a Mankey, an Aipom, a Dewgong, and a Psyduck. Apparently I look like a Meowth. Here's a point: Just because it's your favourite pokemon, dosen't mean it's the pokemon you...