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    Silent Hill Historical Society: The Silent Hill Club

    Walking down a seemingly endless road, fog all around you, you stop. In front of you is a dark green sign, reading Welcome to Silent Hill. This place was only a legend, you thought. Only real in the stories... the stories about the man who lost his daughter here, the man who came here to find...
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    T, as in, "Tim, look over there! It's DK's Sprites!"

    Alright, so I'm finally making a sprite thread. woo~ As you will notice, the only sprites on here are trainer sprites. Why? Because, I'm a failure when it comes to any other kinds of sprites. baaaw. NOW, DOWN TO BUSINESS. Edit: I added ref pics because Luppi added ref pics and I thought...
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    11th Division's Sprites and Such~

    11th Divsion's Sprites and Such~ 11th Division Sprites and Such~ is a shop run by me and Luppi Alright, Luppi will be away for a week or two, so direct all you request me. Thankyou. Rules; All SPPF Rules Apply Use the Forms No saying, "OMG IS MY SPRITE/ICON/BANNER DONE?!?!?!!111" No stealing...
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    Rawr, sprites

    Alright, since my old sprite thread died, I've started a new one, with all kinds of sprites. ^_^ Oh, and one thing... NO REQUEST! Enjoy. I'll also let you put these sprites in you'r sig, as long as you give me credit. ^_^ Maps...
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    Question about this PM I got

    Okay, I got this random PM, and well... I just wanted to know, is this against the rules? Thankyou.